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We are the Injury Advocates Group, a Los Angeles based personal injury law firm that focuses on motor vehicle accidents.  Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for car accident victims like you.  If you were hit by a car as a pedestrian or bicyclist, or involved in an automobile accident of any kind, we can help you.

We offer a 30 minute free consultation so you can discuss your case with us without worry.

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You are Our #1 Priority

you are our #1 priority

You are always our #1 priority.  We take the time necessary to talk to you to understand your facts, the auto injury you suffered, and circumstances surrounding your accident so that we can provide a thorough diagnosis of your case and formulate a case-specific strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

No matter the size or type of injury, our belief is that every injustice deserves a countervailing justice to bring equity and closure for the injured community members which we represent.

This is why each member on our legal team is your personal injury consultant, which is much more than a lawyer who only sees the litigation or money aspect of your case.

We Stand in Your Shoes

We treat each case like we are the injured victim, and fight to bring you the closure we ourselves would want if we were in your shoes.  We strive to be the best auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles, an effort that you will notice when he and his legal team represent you.

We Treat You Like Family

If you were injured in a vehicle accident and are seeking an aggressive insurance claim lawyer in Los Angeles, call our office.  We are ready to fight for you around the clock until your case is satisfactorily settled or taken to verdict.

When contacting our law office, once we confirm you have a viable claim, you will speak with a real attorney within 24 hours.  We treat you like family, not a “case”.

Call, and let us be your personal injury consultant and you will feel the difference.

Mission Statement

Who are we?  Injury Advocates Group is a boutique, personal injury law firm.  We focus on vehicle accidents in Los Angeles and the surrounding Counties.  However, we have a national network of lawyers, and through that network and a legal procedure called pro hac vice, we can help you no matter what State your accident happened in.

Our goal is to get the largest recovery possible to help you get back on your feet following a vehicle accident.  We fight and work hard for our clients during days, nights, and weekends, until you get the result you deserve.

We will work together, with you, to find closure and justice for your injuries.

Car Accident Settlement Advice - No Recovery No Fee Guarantee

Before you speak with a motor vehicle accident attorney in depth about the information on this page, you need to confirm they are a no recovery no fee lawyer.

At Injury Advocates Group, we have a no recovery no fee guarantee.  Even if we spend $5,000 on your case, you will not owe us a penny there is no recovery in your case.

Vehicle Accident Focus

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Our motor vehicle accident attorney group is focused on one practice area – vehicle accident cases.  Why does this matter?

Due to the Injury Advocates Group’s exclusive focus on vehicle accidents, we have a greater depth of knowledge on how to maximize vehicle accident cases than any lawyer or law firm that handles an expansive combination of practice areas, such as vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation, social security disability, or criminal law.

How Our Narrow Focus Gives You an Edge

Injury Advocates Group is not limited by the diminishing return restrictions of lawyers who litigate 5 or 10 different practice areas.  Due to our narrow work as a vehicle lawyers, our knowledge depth on vehicle accidents extends deep into the margins because we spend more time on car accident cases, and have done so for years.

Here is an example to illustrate the point:

You are in a run of the mill, moderate impact car accident where you suffered soft tissue injuries. You miss 65 hours from work due to the accident.  The insurance company says they will only reimburse you for the first 4 days – 32 hours – of rest following the accident.  How do you get them to reimburse you for the remaining 33 hours of lost wages?

99.99% of accident lawyers will simply argue and try to prove the necessity of the additional time to the adjuster or defense lawyer.  At Injury Advocates Group, we brainstormed this nuanced accident case issue for years. Through trial and ever, we developed a specific recovery technique for lost wages in the above scenario that has a 90% success rate of converting denials of those additional 33 hours of lost wages into additional settlement money for you.

In-House Case Building Workshops

We conduct similar brainstorming sessions on every, granular issue related to our vehicle accidents, with the intentional goal of discovering ways to beat the insurance company’s claim settlement algorithms and range setting parameters.  This is what a laser focused car insurance attorney brings to the table for you.

Because of this focus, we have unearthed many, many loopholes and patterns that we know how to expose to foster greater recoveries for you.  See our results page, it speaks for itself.

This is the difference between a boutique, car accident personal injury consultant and a combination practice lawyer who does a little of everything.

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Free Legal Library

Our Legal Library is Free for You

To appreciate the depth of our knowledge as a motor vehicle accident lawyers, spend some time reviewing our free legal library published on this website, including our auto claim library and injury research library.

You will discover that we do not generically outline legal topics like most websites.  We offer nuanced explanations on the many discussed legal issues with strategic application of each issue to vehicle accident scenarios, written and prepared by our motor vehicle accident legal team.

If you are looking for an answer and do not see it on our website, submit a request.  We will work to publish an article on that topic on our website.

You Will Benefit from Our Knowledge

We bring our extensive vehicle accident claim knowledge to bear in every case, for every client, to maximize your financial recovery and ensure bad drivers and negligent companies are held accountable for their negligent and dangerous driving on our shared roads.

Medical Experience Matters


We have experience handling practically every injury from head to toe.  Whether you suffered a sprained ankle or bruised knee from being launched forward after being rear-ended, or hitting your head on the steering wheel, we understand the medicine behind your injuries.

This allows us to read your medical records and see the strengths, weaknesses, and understand how different treatment notes can help or hurt your case.

Just as important, we work with top medical experts in the Los Angeles area to ensure qualified, and knowledge medical professionals can diagnose your injuries, write thorough reports explaining the seriousness of those injuries for the insurance adjusters and, if necessary, will testify on your behalf.

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Article Author:  This law article was written by attorney Ray Benyamin, Esquire.  Mr. Benyamin received his Juris Doctor degree from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and his license to practice law from the State Bar of California.  His law license number is 277263.  He has been practicing law for 10 years.  Mr. Benyamin is a registered member of the following legal organizations: Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), the State Bar of California, the American Bar Association (ABA), and the American Association for Justice (AAJ).  Mr. Benyamin has personally helped his clients recover over $10,000,000 in vehicle accident insurance claims in the State of California.