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Free Attorney Consultation

You were injured and need to speak to a lawyer.  You need to know what you are getting into before making that call.  That’s why we wrote this page.

First, our law firm offers free consultations, with a real lawyer.  We always have and always will.

Before you call anyone, even us, you may wonder:

♦   Are attorney consultations always free in personal injury cases?

♦   What are the parameters of that consultation?

♦   What strings are attached to the free consultation?

Regardless of how you were injured (e.g., medical malpractice or vehicle accident), you need to know what to ask and listen for during your conversation with any personal injury lawyers  you call.

This is a checklist of topics you should know about before making that telephone call:

♦   Do most attorneys offer free consultations?

♦   Can you get a free legal phone consultation without an in-office visit?

♦   What is offered as part of the free consultation?

♦   Does the lawyer have a high rate of client retention?

♦   How does the lawyer value personal injury cases?

♦   Can you fire the lawyer if you are not happy?

We answer all those questions below.

Who are we?  We are the Injury Advocates Group, a boutique personal injury law firm.  We focus on vehicle accidents, bedsore claims, injuries from a fall in a medical facility, and catastrophic / wrongful death claims.  Our lawyers have helped hundreds of clients recover tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts.

Enough about us, scroll below to learn the ins-and-outs of free legal consultations.

Free Attorney Consultation

Do Most Attorneys Offer free consultations?

The answer depends on the field of law.  While the answer is generally yes, the answer is definitely yes for personal injury lawyers.

Personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation as a standard part of helping clients.  At Injury Advocates Group, we follow this standard practice.

If you are the victim of another’s negligence, calling our law office and speaking with one of our lawyers for a case consultation is 100% free.

Although a free consultation is standard in personal injury cases, not all lawyers offer the same services or offer the consultation for the right reasons.  During that consultation, we will:

   Gather basic facts about your claim

   Help you decide whether you need a lawyer

   Outline what to expect given your specific accident

   Educate you on common difficulties related to your case type

There is no commitment associated with making this call.  Just because you call for advice does not mean you have to hire our legal team to represent you.

We made the decision to offer a free attorney consultation to help injured victims like you have access to the legal justice system.  We invite you to call now and let us help you with your claim.

Free Legal Phone Consultation

Yes, we offer a free legal phone consultation to everyone who calls our office.  This is a standard practice, and we expect it to continue into the future.

What You Get During Your Free Consultation

How You Benefit from the Free Consultation

The free legal phone consultation benefits you and the attorney with whom you speak.  You will get a chance to interview the attorney, find out if your personalities match, and whether you feel comfortable with that attorney representing you.

With respect to the substance of your case, the free attorney consultation helps you find out:

  If you have viable personal injury claim.  For a variety of reasons, you may not have a claim.  You may have missed a deadline, there may be no source of recovery, or unbeknownst to you, you may be partially at fault for the accident.  You deserve to know immediately whether you have a claim worth pursuing, and that question should always be addressed during the free consultation.

  Whether you need a attorney.  Not all accident claims need an attorney.  There is no formula to find out when you need a lawyer.  A skilled attorney can fairly quickly reverse engineer from the facts of your case whether it would be financially beneficial for you to not pursue the claim at all, or try to resolve the claim yourself.

   Next Steps. You will find out what you should do next to protect your claim.  If you have inadvertently already done something that hurts you claim, that can be discussed and the lawyer can determine whether there is a way to undo any harm already done.

What You Should Have Ready Before Calling

To make sure you get the most value from the free consultation, it is best to be prepared.  Preparation will mean that you have certain information handy, as the lawyer will likely ask about this information during the call:

   Police report in your case

   Documents obtained from the other driver, including car insurance information

  Timeline of dates of admission and discharge from any medical facilities

  Pictures, including wound pictures and vehicle pictures

The IAG Free Consultation

We offer all of the things outlined above during the phone consultation we are offering you.

We do this as a matter of courtesy to injured victims like you.  You are going through enough given your injuries and loss and pending personal injury claim, and it’s the least we can do.

We Do Not Utilize a “Multiples” Approach to Case Valuation

During your free attorney consultation, you should ask how the lawyer values personal injury cases.  At Injury Advocates Group, we are not a cookie-cutter assembly line personal injury firm.

We have heard some clients, and even lawyers, refer to resolving cases based on “multiples” of particular numbers, whether that be the medical bill totals or “specials.” Perhaps this explains the high rate of settlement in cases that should not necessary settle, but are better decided by a jury.

We strongly disagree with the “multiple” approach as it ignores the key value drivers we have learned to utilize to increase our clients’ settlements and verdicts.

If any lawyer suggests your case may be worth some multiple, you should run, and run fast from that lawyer.  If you made the unfortunate mistake of already hiring that lawyer, it is not too late.  You can still change representation.

Can I Change or Fire My Lawyer?

Yes, you always have the ability to change or fire your lawyer.

Our team gets frequent calls requesting advice on changing lawyers.  We can walk you through how we handle that process for our incoming clients changing lawyers, whether you decide to change and retain us or change and retain someone else.

You deserve to be confident in the legal advocate you hired to protect you following  your injury.  If you have questions about changing or firing your lawyer, you are invited to call us and learn:

   When is it practical and not practical to change lawyers in a personal injury case?

   How much will it cost if I fire my lawyer and hire a new lawyer?

   Will I owe my lawyer any money if I fire him/her?

   Does my whole case start from scratch if I fire my lawyer and hire a new lawyer?

   If my lawyer already filed a lawsuit can I fire that lawyer?

   If the insurance company already made a settlement offer can I fire my lawyer?

We understand changing or firing your lawyer is a big decision, and can be stressful.  You hired someone to pursue your best interests, but some lawyers treat injury victims like a paycheck, which is unfair to you.

If you are worried your lawyer is trying to settle your case on the cheap, or does not have your best interest at heart, you owe it to yourself to call a true injury advocate that will fight for you.

Free Attorney Consultation Q&A

Do most attorneys offer free consultations?

Yes, most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations.  For almost every practice area, for the lawyers and law firms we know, most attorneys offer free consultations.  The length of the consultation, and what information you get from it, will vary depending on the type of case you have and the lawyer you call.  For example, a patent lawyer at a big insurance defense firm who charges $1,000 per hour will likely provide a very limited free consultation.

Are attorney consultations free?

In the personal injury world, yes, attorney consultations are free.  Do not ever pay an attorney for an initial consultation to discuss your case.  As explained in the answer above, the scope of the consultation will vary for non-personal injury cases.

What is a free consultation with an attorney?

A free consultation with an attorney is an opportunity for you to find out if you have a claim and whether the claim is worth pursuing.  You may not get a definite answer during the consultation on those issues.  Sometimes, the attorney will need more information – such as a police report – to answer these questions for you.

Will attorney near me give free consultation?

If you have a personal injury case, yes, an attorney near you will give you a free consultation.  However, you are not limited geographically in hiring an attorney.  How far you can reach for an attorney with whom you can get a free consultation will depend on the strength of your claim.  Of course, you may not know the answer to that until you speak with a lawyer.  So the best thing to review the bios and websites of whoever you are considering calling for a free consultation, and consider their credentials, results, and location, before you call them.

Are free attorney consultations confidential?

Yes, free attorney consultations are confidential.  What you say during this conversation cannot be discovered by the insurance company, or anyone else for that matter, without your consent.

Does attorney client privilege apply to free consultations?

As far as practical implications are concerned, yes, the attorney client privilege applies to free consultations with an attorney.  However, no attorney-client relationship arises from the mere happening of the consultation.  The important fact here is that conversations a prospective client has with a lawyer is confidential, and you, the client, are the only person who can waive that confidentiality.

24/7 Free Consultations

If you were the victim of an injury, whether from a vehicle accident, bedsore, or fall in a medical facility, you need a dedicated personal injury attorney to protect your case.  To get immediate answers, you need an attorney who will provide you a free consultation.

That is who we are and what we do.  Call the Injury Advocates Group now to protect your claim and get the help you need.

We are on standby 24/7.  If you prefer, you may also e-mail us 24/7 at

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