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Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

The Injury Advocates Group legal team focuses on motor vehicle accident claims.  Because of that focus, we understand the nuances of your claim in a way that helps you recover more money to compensate you for your accident, regardless of which of these types of accidents you were involved in:

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All of this leads to one thing.  Our lawyers achieve tremendous success in forcing insurance companies to pay you a top dollar settlement.  Period.  Our results speak for themselves, a sample of which are below.

IAG Lawyers’
Sample Settlements & Verdicts

$1,500,000 – Truck Accident

$800,000 – Car Accident

$700,000 – Truck Accident

$650,000 – Truck Accident

$600,000 – Car Accident

$550,000 – Car Accident

$500,000 – Truck Accident

$450,000 – Car Accident

$490,000 – Car Accident

$300,000 – Pickup Truck Accident

$300,000 – Car Accident

$250,000 – Motorcycle Accident

$230,000 – Pickup Truck Accident

$220,000 – Truck Accident

$200,000 – Motorcycle Accident

$200,000 – Car Accident

$200,000 – Pickup Truck Accident

Free 2021
Personal Injury Accident Guides

Our lawyers have resolved hundreds of personal injury claims for motor vehicle accident clients.  This website is our free library outlining what we have learned.  It educates accident victims like you on how the facts of your accident changes your claim, and potential settlement or trial value

We have separate pages for pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, Uber accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, pickup truck accidents, and more.

If you were involved in a truck accident, we have different pages for each type of truck accident.  This includes tow truck accidents, cash truck or armored truck accidents, construction truck accidents, box truck (like a U-Haul) accidents, and trash or garbage truck accidents.

For commercial truck accidents, it is important to know federal regulations, and specific types of investigations which are necessary to bring out the full settlement value of those claims.  This includes driver logs, black box investigation, video evidence, and historical trucking company data that can help prove your case.  We discuss these topics and how they can impact your trucking accident case on our commercial truck accident page.

If you are searching for motor vehicle accident information and you cannot find it on our website, send us a message.  We will work to publish an article on that topic for free on our website.

Where We Help

Regardless of what State your accident happened in, the Injury Advocates Group is on standby for you.  We have access to a national network of lawyers around the country, and through something called pro hac vice, can help clients anywhere in America on a case-by-case basis.

We offer everyone a 30 minute free attorney consultation. We will be your car accident consultant, from beginning to end, and fight for you like you were our family.

Below are some of the topics in our FREE vehicle accident library.  Take your time to browse the articles to learn sample values for your injury type and strategies for handling common claim resolution hurdles.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call, we are here to help you.

Accident Strategy & Settlement Library

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