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Box truck Accidents


Box trucks are typically U-Haul, Rider, and other large rental trucks.  These are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road, because they are so big yet driven by people with very little experience operating vehicles this large.

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Common Reasons for Box Truck Accidents

Common causes of box truck accidents include:


Many professional box truck drivers, who are movers, are under constant pressure to quickly cover routes.  This is why many drivers are compelled to adopt reckless driving methods, especially when they are traveling on the highway.

Sudden stops

Drivers who don’t know the delivery routes might face difficulties in finding the address they are trying to reach.  This results in frequent, unexpected stops.  Novice drivers of box trucks underestimate the stopping distance of the trucks they are operating, which can result in rear-end accidents.

This can also cause a severe accident from behind where a box truck underestimates that braking distance, and has to hard brake late to avoid striking pedestrians in local neighborhoods.

Poor method of loading

In cases when the cargo is not loaded correctly, the weight of the box truck can cause it to become unbalanced. Improper loading techniques can result in balance and weight problems, and increase the likelihood of a rollover accident.

In some cases, overloading can increase the gross vehicle weight, which may make it difficult to stop the vehicle.

Inexperienced drivers

Some businesses also fail to ensure that the drivers they have hired are trained enough to drive the box truck.  This can raise claims of negligent hiring, retention, and supervision. When these claims succeed, it will increase the value of your settlement, on average.


Using a phone, consulting a GPS, talking with other drivers, or investing time in any other activity during driving can distract the delivery truck driver and result in an accident. More than 2,800 were killed in crashes having a distracted driver while over 400,000 were injured. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 of the people that have died were walking on the streets, riding their bikes, or were present outside their vehicles.

This is likely to happen when someone is using a box truck to move, as it is probable they need to use their phone or GPS for directions, causing their eyes to be frequently off the road.

Illegal Parking

Sometimes when a box truck, such as a delivery truck, is parked in a way that blocks the driveways, roads, and parking lots, other vehicles are forced to make their way around that box truck. This causes a serious danger, especially for bicycles that have to re-route into moving traffic.

Box Truck Accident Liability

Box Truck Driver

The box truck driver might be liable for the accident if any one of the aforementioned situations has occurred. The driver might also be responsible for the accident on failing to stay aware of other vehicles present on the road, keep a safe distance, do proper lane changes, yield where legally required, or otherwise fail to maintain control of the box truck.

Box Truck Company

A box truck company is responsible for the accident if the driver was operating the truck provided by the employer company.  However, in some cases, both the driver and the company are responsible for the accident.

If the box truck company failed to negligently hire, train, or supervise its driver, then that company may be independently liable for its own bad acts, in addition to being vicariously liable for the bad driving of its employee driver.

Box Truck Manufacturer

Some accidents may also be a result of flaws in the design or the operations of the box truck. The vendor who sold the box truck or its parts may also be liable for the accident.

This type of case is much more expensive due to the need for a variety of experts, and the complexity of those experts’ testimonies.

Box Truck Accident Damages

Just like in other vehicle accidents, a person injured during a box truck accident can seek recovery for his/her damages. Here’s what can be claimed:

♦  Medical bills. This may include the fees for hospital care, surgery, emergency room visits, and appointments with the approved professionals.

♦  Future medical bills. This is used to compensate for extended medical care and treatment which extends beyond the resolution date of the claim.

♦  Lost income. Compensation for lost wages is provided between the time of injury and eventual settlement or verdict.  Anything past that time is considered loss of earning capacity (which concerns future losses).

♦  Loss of earning capacity.  If accident related injuries reduce your potential and power to earn money into the future, you have a claim for loss of earning capacity.

♦  Mental suffering.  Compensations for mental suffering might also stem from a vehicle accident, mainly due to worry, grief, embarrassment, fright, nervousness, and other types of emotional issues caused by accident.

In the specified cases, the injured victim’s family might look for compensation due to the loss of consortium.  This situation occurs when the spouse or the partner in the family is unable to provide the level of affection, love, companionship, and care that they could have attained before the accident.

In extreme situations, punitive damages may occur if the driver or the company acted in a threatening manner (or willingly caused harm).  Accordingly, punitive damages are designed in such a manner that the company can be punished for its actions financially.

Box Truck Accident Q&A


What is a box truck?

A box truck is a conventional truck as seen with U-Hauls and other similar trucks that are short and box shaped and are used for personal and professional uses, such as for moving companies.

Are box trucks involved in many accidents?

Yes, these trucks are often involved in accidents because of the lack of training in many who drive them and the design of the trucks themselves.  Pretty much anyone of proper age with a valid driver’s license can rent a large U-Haul box truck, despite the lack of training or experience in operating these large trucks.

Why are box trucks dangerous?

These trucks have a design that makes them more prone to rolling and tipping over on sharp turns. The design of these trucks coupled with the fact that they are often being driven by people without training makes them dangerous.

Who do I file a claim with in a box truck accident?

This will depend on the owner of the truck itself and can range from the driver, to the operator and perhaps also the company that owns the box truck itself such as the company that rented it out.

Can I get seriously injured by a box truck?

Yes, you can be seriously injured in a box truck accident.  Injuries from box trucks can be very serious and can lead to chronic and lifelong injuries like back injuries, neck injuries and shoulder injuries.

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