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Finger Injury Compensation

IAG Finger Injury Guide

Finger injury compensation is affected by specific variables including type of injury, whether you type for work, and whether you need surgery.

In this article you will learn about:

♦   Common finger injuries

   Treatments for finger injuries

   How much compensation you get for a finger injury

♦   Whether or not a deformity will affect your finger injury compensation

If you want to know how much a finger is worth in a lawsuit read on below.

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Common Finger Injuries

Common Finger Injuries

Finger injuries are commonly not serious and can heal on their own.

However, in many car accidents and more serious finger injury scenarios, there can be painful and immediate effects that require surgery and long-term care.

Some of the more common finger injuries are:

   Broken bones

   Damage to the soft tissue

♦   Torn ligaments

♦   Lacerations (can affect blood vessels, nerves, and tendons)

♦   Crushing of the finger leading to damage intense enough to require amputation

In addition to the direct injuries that your finger can suffer in an accident, there are also side-effects that can come about from a finger injury, such as arthritis.

Any combination of these injuries can lead to numbness, intense lifelong pain, and even the inability to use the fingers in a normal manner.

Some injuries can be rectified with surgery and physical therapy. However, many injuries cannot be reversed and normalcy is never regained.

Broken Finger Treatments

To answer the question of how much a finger is worth, it is first important to understand what treatments are given for finger injuries, as this impacts your finger injury compensation.

Depending on which injury you have sustained, you may or may not need intense treatment.

Common treatments for finger injuries include:

♦   Surgery

   Casts/ Bandaging

♦   Rest

♦   Amputation (serious cases)

Simple lacerations or breaks can be healed in a matter of weeks with no invasive medical attention. This is not the case for more severe cuts, or breaks, that damage the finger in multiple places or leave it open for infection.

If your finger injury is severe and causes you more pain leading to the need for more invasive medical attention, you have a higher chance of  increasing your finger injury compensation.

Additionally, if you develop a deformity in your fingers or they do not heal properly, this will also lead to higher settlements, assuming that you have made efforts to obtain proper medical care for your finger injury.

This is a major reason why getting speedy treatment is essential, because if you lag in getting treatment, the insurance companies will argue that your injury severity is not a result of the accident, but your own inaction.

If you do receive fast treatment and you do not recover fully, or your recovery debilitates you for a long period of time, this can also increase your finger injury compensation amount.

How Much Compensation Do You Get For A Finger Injury?

All this leads to the major question, which is how much compensation you can get for your finger injury.

Your finger injury can pay out anywhere from $15,000-$1,000,000 dollars, depending on what the extent of your injuries are.

Did you lose a finger?

Did you require surgery?

Has your finger injury caused you to lose work and incur high medical costs?

All of these will have an impact on your case.

Getting medical treatment quickly, documenting all of your treatments and taking photos that show the extent of your injury can help you recover as much as possible for medical costs as well as for pain and suffering.

How Much is a Finger Worth According to Recent Cases?

Many recent cases can give you an idea of how much you can recover from your finger injury case. These cases show the possibility of how much compensation you can get for a finger injury:

   $500,000 settlement for a finger fracture that led to multiple surgeries to fix the affected finger.

   $17,500 for an accident where the thumb and pointer fingers both were broken and required surgery.

♦   $15,000 compensation for a case involving a collision that resulted in multiple broken fingers requiring long-term care with an orthopedic surgeon.

   $102,000 verdict for an individual who had nerve damage and lost range of motion in her fingers after a collision

Sample Finger Injury Verdicts & Settlements

VERDICT: $35,000.00.  A male suffered a fractured finger in his dominant hand. This injury took place when plaintiff’s car was hit from the rear while the plaintiff was driving to work. Plaintiff’s car was hit while stopped at a red light. The defendant did not admit liability in the case and went as far as to contend that the plaintiff’s injuries were not serious and had healed well, not causing any serious damage.  

VERDICT: $77,000.00.  A 52-year old restaurant manger suffered finger injuries as well as injuries to other parts of the body due to an accident in which the plaintiff was hit by an intoxicated driver. The injuries left permanent pain for the plaintiff and he claimed that the defendant was negligent as he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. The plaintiff also stated that the establishment that served the defendant alcohol was liable in the case. Defendant’s insurance company states that the plaintiff’s injuries were not the result of negligence.

VERDICT: $150,000.00.  Two plaintiff’s brought suit against their insurance companies for uninsured motorist benefits after multiple injuries, including the dislocation of the left index finger, were suffered in a collision. Defendant was accused of failing to carefully lookout and yield right of way which led to his failure to stop at a sign and collide broadside with the plaintiff’s vehicle leading to the injuries which required extensive medical care and surgeries to correct.

VERDICT: $18,900.00.  a man’s finger was crushed in a trailer hitch when his finger became stuck between the vehicle’s ball and a trailer hitch. The driver of the vehicle did not see this and unexpectedly reversed the vehicle before pulling it forward, all the while the plaintiff’s finger was stuck in the hitch. This caused the plaintiff to be dragged which caused his finger to be crushed. This later resulted in an infection, lost wages and medical expenses.

VERDICT: $112,143.00.  A motor vehicle accident caused a finger fracture as well as other injuries to a female plaintiff who was hit when her car was broadsided by another vehicle. The defendant claimed that the plaintiff was at fault for not properly looking out and therefore denied liability in the case. Defendant also disputed the extent of the injuries that the plaintiff suffered. Ultimately, the severity of the injuries and the need for medical care after the accident ensured that the defendant’s insurance paid for pain, suffering and lost wages as well as medical treatment costs.  

Finger Injury Compensation Q&A

How much is a finger worth in compensation?

A finger injury compensation can be as low as $15,000 or as high as $1,000,000 depending on the circumstances of your accident and what kind of treatment you needed. A case for example that requires multiple surgeries will have a higher pain and suffering element, and lead to a higher compensation.  $1,000,000 would be an outlier.  A more realistic average ceiling would be $200,000.

Does longer recovery time mean higher finger injury compensation?

Yes, in short, the longer your recovery time the higher the potential finger injury compensation. When your recovery is longer, it is deemed to have had a more negative impact on your life which means more in pain and suffering payouts.

How much is a finger worth if it has to be amputated?

Finger amputation cases will depend on whether you needed an entire finger amputated or only part of your finger amputated. Some cases also have multiple amputation’s of fingers. The more severe the case the higher the pain and suffering and diminished quality of life which can lead to settlements that range from approximately $75,000 all the way up to $1,000,000 dollars.  For a hand with multiple amputated fingers, a multi-million dollar result would not be surprising.

Which finger injury can lead to more payout?

Finger injuries that require surgery or lead to the loss of a finger, or the inability to use a finger properly will lead to higher settlement values because of the diminished quality of life that you will face.

Can I develop long-term chronic conditions because of a finger injury?

Yes, you can develop long-term chronic conditions like arthritis because you have suffered a finger injury.

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