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Toe Injury Compensation

Toe Injury SettlementYour toes tend to absorb large amounts of trauma in an accident which can cause long term and serious immobility.

It is this potential for long-term debilitating damage that can affect your broken toe settlement value.  In this article you will learn information on:

♦   Common injuries your toes can sustain in an accident

♦   Treatment and recovery outlooks

   How much a broken toe is worth

♦   How much a big toe is worth compared to a pinky toe

♦   How much a toe is worth if it has to be amputated

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how much is a toe worth
how much is a toe worth
how much is a big toe worth if only bruised and not broken
broken toe discoloration
broken toe settlement depends on pain and mobility
broken toe injury compensation factor - swelling
broken toe injury lawyer

Toe Injuries

Any serious hit to your toe can cause injuries, some of which are immediate and others will take time to develop and become lifelong problems.

Identifying that you have a broken toe as soon as possible is vital because any delay can lead to infections that will lead to more serious complications in your recovery. Signs of a broken toe include:

   Any bruising around and on the toes

♦   Discoloration

♦   Pain when pressure is put on the toes

♦   Swelling

♦   Pain or difficulty putting on your shoes

The most common injuries you will see in your toes are:

♦   Sprains

♦   Breaks of the large toe or the small toes

♦   Dislocations of bones

These immediate injuries, even if treated can lead to more serious conditions. While not common for most, toe injuries, particularly the ones not treated in a timely manner, can lead to the development of arthritis and gout.  Important to note for your toe injury compensation, if you delay getting treatment you might get less because you failed to mitigate your damages.

Arthritis Toe

This is even more prevalent for those who have any previous injuries, gout, or arthritis in their toes or feet as a new injury can trigger urate crystals and bone erosions to develop in the connective areas between the bones of the toes.

Further long-term consequences of a toe injury that should be taken into consideration when determining how much a toe is worth can be seen in the fact that toe injuries can make an individual more susceptible to osteoarthritis later in life, particularly if your toe sustains any infections in the recovery process.

It is therefore important to take note of any signs that you may have a broken toe and get treatment as soon as possible. Just because you can walk using your toe does not mean it is not damaged. If you have any of the symptoms of a broken toe, see a doctor for diagnosis.

Treatments for Toe Injuries

Toe injury compensation is tied into the treatment and recovery outlooks for your toe injury. Some injuries never heal despite surgeries to correct the damage.

Many treatments are available for damaged toes including:

♦   Wearing special shoes

♦   Bed rest and staying off your feet

   Taping the toes

   Medicine to deal with the pain and help with issues like swelling

♦   Surgery

♦   Amputation

As you can see there are a large range of options in treatment and it will depend on your specific injury and its severity.

Many broken or injured toes will heal in 4-8 weeks. How much a human toe is worth will depend on your recovery period. If your toe injury heals on its own in as little as 6 weeks, your broken toe settlement may not be worth as much as more an injury that requires medical attention from doctors.

Broken Toe Settlement

A broken toe settlement is going to be higher for you if you can prove the severity of the damage. It is important in these cases to take photos of your injury so that any jury can see clear swelling, broken skin or bruising and discoloration.

Broken skin is very important to show when it is present because it can increase your broken toe settlement.

Toe Injury Settlement

Cases that lead to infection, need surgery or long-term treatment however are able to increase your toe Injury Compensation because they will be debilitating for a long period of time and also lead to the potential for gout and osteoarthritis.

Infection in particular will affect your broken toe settlement because any broken skin near the toe means a higher chance of serious damage.

The longer infections take to heal the higher your settlement value potential. Also, the worse your infection, the more debilitating your case will be and therefore can lead to higher settlements.

Needless to say, that the more serious injuries which lead to surgeries or amputations will also yield higher settlement values for your case. You should not take any first offers the insurance company approaches you with in the case of serious injuries like amputations, deformities or major infections.

How Much Is A Human Toe Worth?

Your toe is an integral part of your health, well-being and ability to live a normal life. A broken or injured toe is going to affect your quality of life and therefore, a toe can be worth quite a lot depending on the level of damage it sustains in an accident.

If your toe injury has any long-term elements to it you can suffer lost wages, unemployment, physical pain, emotional trauma and diminished quality of life.

Depending on which toe you have damaged, and whether or not you have lost the toe completely, or developed serious infections with long-term consequences, your toe injury can be worth anywhere from $10,000-$30,000.

How much compensation for losing a toe?

Amputation of the toe is a serious injury that increases your payout amount. Losing even one toe can lead to average compensations of well in excess of $100,000.

Amputations tend to have larger payouts because of the severity of the case and the permanence of the injury. The long-term impact to quality of life and being able to live a normal life are a large part of the reason you can expect a high payout average if you have been forced to have an amputation, even a partial one, of your toe(s).

A big toe is worth more than the other toes, because it is the most important toe for your balance, gait, and general mobility in comparison to the other toes.  For this reason, big toe injuries and amputations will be worth more, whether it’s via a settlement or verdict.

Infections and Broken Toes

How much for a broken toe?

A broken toe can be worth anywhere from $6,000-$15,000 on average.

This amount will vary depending on which one of your toes you have broken. The large toe for example tends to have a larger payout value than the other toes.

Additionally, all broken toes are not the same.

As mentioned before, if you have broken skin, developed an infection or required surgery for your broken toe.

Incidents like this this can increase your specific settlement value.



Sample Toe Injury Compensation Amounts

VERDICT: $25,000.00.  Plaintiff was awarded $25,000 after being involved in an accident involving a motorcycle. Plaintiff was attempting to move out of the way of what he believed was a police car and when merging back into the lanes was struck by defendant who pulled out into northbound lanes with no signaling or warning leading to the plaintiff’s vehicle being struck on the side knocking him to the ground. The plaintiff was left with injuries including injuries to the second toe of the foot which left him with tendonitis of the second toe.

VERDICT: $85,000.00.  Plaintiff was left with multiple injuries including a fractured toe and broken bones when his car was struck from behind while waiting at a traffic light. The injury was severe and required multiple surgeries to the affected areas including the need for hospitalization and was left with permanent scarring as well. The injuries sustained also led to extreme pain and the large possibility for chronic pain in the future as well.

VERDICT: $15,730.00.  Plaintiff suffered injuries to her toes and foot when she was attempting to walk across a crosswalk and was struck by a vehicle. She sustained multiple toe fractures as a result of being struck by a vehicle in this public roadway’s designated crosswalk. This was caused by the negligence of the driver who was driving at an excessive speed and failed to yield right of way. The injury led to the need for medical treatment and left the plaintiff with pain that needed additional medical treatment.

VERDICT: $12.000.00.  Plaintiff was in her vehicle when she was struck by another vehicle that hit the side of her car. Plaintiff was left with injuries to her right big toe as well as her foot. This required the need for surgery to realign her toe and long-term care to address additional needs to her toe and foot like a bunionectomy. Payout was made to cover her medical expenses.

VERDICT: $210,134.00.  A 39 year old plaintiff was his vehicle was truck by an uninsured motorist in an intersection.  The defendant stated that the plaintiff was partially liable because of his negligence and was later found to be partially negligent in the case. The plaintiff suffered breaks and damage to the toes as well as the foot and was unable to return to work. Additionally, plaintiff was left with permanent pain in the foot as well leading to diminished quality of life.

Toe Injury Q&A

Will an infection increase my toe injury compensation?

Yes, an infection can increase your toe injury settlement. Any broken skin can lead to an infection and any infections can complicate your recovery and also be the cause of serious long-term conditions for you later on like arthritis.

How much is a big toe worth?

A big toe can be worth a great deal in an accident. Your big toe helps you maintain balance and is a big part of your ability to stand and walk. Because of this, the big toe is worth a great deal in an accident to your toes.

A big toe that is broken can have settlement values of up to $10,000-$15,000 on average, while the amputation of a big toe can average well above $100,000.

How much is a pinky toe worth?

While not as vital as a big toe, your pinky toe is still worth a decent settlement value. A broken or amputated pinky toe can be worth a comparable, but lower value than the big toe.  A specific dollar amount cannot be provided because we could not find published data on pinky toe injury settlement values.

My injury happened because a car ran over my big toe, does this affect settlement?

Yes, it can affect your settlement if your toe injury was caused when it was run over by a car. Settlements for cases such as this tend to have an average payout of $10,000-$17,000 but can be higher or lower depending on the severity of the injury and the recovery process and details.

Can a toe injury cause gout or arthritis?

Yes, you can develop arthritis and gout from a toe injury. This is because the damage to the toe can exasperate existing injuries and also cause new trauma that leads to long-term problems. One of these is the link between infections of the toe during recovery that have been linked to arthritis developing later in life.

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