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If you or a family member suffered a bedsore in a nursing home, hospital, or other medical facility, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Well over 95% of bedsores are avoidable.  Avoidable means the injury never should have happened, and that its happening is proof that your medical providers committed medical malpractice.  Knowing this, what are your legal options?

An experienced bedsore lawyer knows how to evaluate bedsore specific issues (e.g., osteomyelitis, bacteremia, sepsis, differentiating between pressure wounds versus arterial/venous/COVID/diabetic wounds).  Because we have evaluated hundreds of bedsore claims, you gain that experience with our help.

You can explore your legal options for free, because we offer all bedsore victims and their family a free legal consultation.  To get your free bedsore claim review:

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We are a no-fee guarantee law firm.  That means:

   You never pay us out of pocket for any expenses/costs

   You don’t pay us a penny unless we recover money for you

  If we win, we only get paid from the settlement/verdict

Scroll down below to read bedsore claim analysis written by a bedsore lawyer on our team.  If you have questions, we are available 24/7 to answer your questions.  You deserve answers, and we are here to deliver them for you.

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Bedsore Lawyer Fees

It does not cost any money to hire a bedsore lawyer on our team to represent you.  That is because, with our services:

  You don’t pay a retainer deposit

 You don’t per-hour for our work

 Your credit/assets are irrelevant

We only operate on a contingency basis when evaluating your bedsore claim.  That means:

  If we win, we get a percentage of the recovery

  If we don’t win, we do not get paid a penny

  If we don’t win but spent $ on your case, you don’t owe us a penny

This is powerful because a bedsore lawyer will spend thousands of dollars to investigate your claim.  Without us fronting those expenses, most victims would be unable to afford justice.  With our financial and legal support, you can get answers and make the negligent nursing home or hospital pay for the injuries and losses they caused your family.

Our Lawyers’ Recent Results

$1,700,000 – Wrongful Death Recovery

$1,500,000 – Spine Injury Recovery

$1,200,000 – Wrongful Death Recovery

$1,100,000 – Spine Injury Recovery

$1,000,000 – Wrongful Death Recovery

$1,000,000 – Spine Injury Recovery

$1,000,000 – Head Injury Recovery

$900,000 – Spine Injury Recovery

$800,000 – Spine Injury Recovery

$700,000 – Wrongful Death Recovery

$600,000 – Back Injury Recovery

$550,000 – Back Injury Recovery

$170,000 – Fall Injury Recovery

$150,000 – Fall Injury Recovery

Bedsore Lawyer Investigations

When a bedsore lawyer investigates a bedsore claim, here are the central facts that are immediately necessary:

  Date of admission and discharge from each facility

  Stage of bedsore on admission and discharge from each facility

  Name of each facility for the 1 year pre-bedsore to present

Please compile this information before calling us, because we will be asking you for it.

bedsore lawyer analysisOther pieces of evidence that a bedsore lawyer will review as part of your investigation, if it exists, includes:

  Bedsore pictures

  Death certificate


Medical records are necessary for a proper bedsore investigation.  If you have those, we will arrange to get a copy from you.  If you don’t have the medical records, that is something an IAG bedsore lawyer will usually collect and review for you.

Even with a bedsore lawyer by your side, we (you or us) cannot collect the medical records unless you are a proper legal representative.  Here is a short-list of proper representatives:


  Power of Attorney


  Administrator of Estate

If you do not have one of those legal statuses, a bedsore lawyer on our team will help you obtain that status (assuming you have legal capacity that allows it).  To find out if you have legal capacity to pursue a claim, send us an e-mail at, call us at (800) 484-0779, or submit a contact form with your inquiry.

Bedsore Claim Analysis

The way a bedsore lawyer analyzes a bedsore claim is by reviewing the medical records to look for patterns.  Questions we have in mind when reviewing those medical records include:

  How frequently was the patient turned/repositioned

 What did the facility do after the bedsore developed

  What indicators are there of insufficient staffing

  What do non-culpable doctors say about the bedsore

With bedsore claims, the patterns in the medical records almost always will tell one of two stories:

  The facility broke the necessary nursing cycle

  Something is fishy because the records don’t make sense

Once a bedsore lawyer reviews the medical records, those records are submitted to a bedsore expert for analysis.  That expert will brainstorm with the bedsore lawyer and determine the best path forward in winning your bedsore claim.  Those analyses also help shape the likely value of your bedsore claim.

Bedsore Lawyer

Bedsore Claim Values

Some bedsore cases resolve for $75,000, and some for over $1,000,000.  A good bedsore lawyer can map out the different puzzle pieces which make up your claim to help discover the likely resolution value for your claim.

Part of determining that value is through searches for historical results with parallel facts.  Below are summaries of national settlement and verdict reports that a bedsore lawyer on our team reviewed.

To discover the likely value of your bedsore claim, call us at (800) 484-0779 or submit a contact form to our legal team.

$2,100,000 Bedsore Lawyer Verdict in Alabama

 A 55 year old nursing home resident died from an infected bedsore while in the care of a negligent nursing home.  The defendants argued that the victim was in poor health and was going to die anyway.  As you can see, the jury didn’t like that argument and punished the nursing home for killing this innocent victim.

$250,000 Bedsore Lawyer Mediation in Florida

This case involved an 88 year old  nursing home resident who suffered multiple bedsores on her feet and buttocks areas.  There were strengths and weaknesses to the case, so the parties agreed to a mediation where the case was resolved for a compromised amount.

$125,000 Bedsore Lawyer Settlement in Florida

This was a complicated case because it involved a bedsore and a fracture from a fall.  The one injury likely muddled the ability prove negligence with the other.  Moreover, the bedsore’s significance was not substantial, though measurements of the wound are unknown. These facts explain the mediocre result.

$114,000,000 Bedsore Lawyer Verdict in California

This nursing home victim suffered multiple bedsores, including stage IV wounds, necrosis, and damage significant enough that it injured the victims bones and muscle tissue.  The nursing home also wasn’t feeding and giving the victim sufficient water.  In short, they killed their patient by ignoring him.

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Bedsore Lawyer Q&A

What is the Difference Between a Bedsore Lawyer and Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury is a very broad umbrella, and includes dozens of practice areas, one of which are bedsore claims.  A personal injury lawyer can probably handle a bedsore claim, but not as well as a bedsore lawyer.  That is because the latter will have spent substantial time dedicated to just that one small practice area (bedsore claims), and will be able to handle those claims better than a generic personal injury lawyer who spreads his/her time thin across multiple practice areas.

Can a Bedsore Lawyer Get Me a Better Settlement?

A bedsore lawyer will usually get you a better case resolution that a general medical malpractice lawyer.  That is because malpractice lawyers tend to focus too much on the medicine, whereas a bedsore lawyer will know how to discover the systemic facility issues that explain why the injury happened.  The answer to those “why?” questions usually ruffles the defendants’ feathers more, and garners larger recoveries for victims.

How do Bedsore Lawyers Prove Negligence?

A good bedsore lawyer will be familiar with state and federal regulations that govern operation of nursing home and medical facilities.  Those regulations do a better job at holding negligent medical facilities accountable than, say for example, amorphous medical expert testimonies that many lawyers depend on.  When the liability issues are cornered into black-and-white rules, it is harder for negligent actors to escape accountability, and therefore negligence is easier to prove.

 Do I need a Bedsore Lawyer?

If you are a loved one suffered a bedsore that is stage IV or unstageable, then yes, a bedsore lawyer can maybe help you.  If the bedsore is stage I, II, or III, then unfortunately the damages resulting from that injury likely aren’t significant enough to justify the economic expense of pursuing a medical malpractice case.

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