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Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you want to test our motorcycle accident knowledge, we invite you to review our page dedicated to motorcycle accident claims.  Our depth of motorcycle accident claims is such that we even know what types of motorcycles juries hold a greater bias against.

With over $35,000,000 in personal injury recoveries, including numerous motorcycle accidents, we know how to navigate the world of personal injury and claim settlement and litigation.

With our office in your backyard in Los Angeles, we also know the local adjusters, carriers, and their playbooks, which is how we get max value for injured clients like you.

Review our free Beverly Hills motorcycle accident write-up below.  When you are ready, call or email us for a free consult so we can help you win your claim in the least stressful, most efficient way possible.

Beverly Hills motorcycle accident lawyer
Beverly Hills motorcycle accident lawyers preapre PI claims
Beverly Hills motorcycle accident lawyers know the 4 elements of negligence
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Get help from a Beverly Hills motorcycle accident lawyer

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Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Legal Services

Here are the broad stroke tasks you need done following a motorcycle accident, in terms of pre-litigation claim resolution:

   Get connected with correct doctors for medical treatment

   Maintain appropriate accident-injury logs

   Collect witness lists and testimonies from witnesses

   Collect and index photographs

  File claim with possible insurance carriers

  Collect everything necessary for demand package

Pre-litigation refers to the phase of your claim that is completed before a lawsuit is filed.  If you do everything correctly, and quickly, during pre-litigation, you may not even need to file a lawsuit.

The flip side of that is, if you wing it and get it wrong during the early phase of pre-litigation and then turn to a lawyer for help, you are typically destined for  litigation because the lawyer cannot undo all of the harm resulting from pro-se claim handling.

Our early intervention practice is based off of knowing the insurance arguments which insurance carriers use to try and not pay you.  By nipping in the bud their tactics, we build strong value for your claim early on, and continue building on that value if the insurance company refuses to make a fair offer.

Part of our early case development includes connecting you with top quality physical therapists and chiropractors.  Top quality means that, not only are they well credentialed, but they are good testifying experts should the need arise.

We also manage your medical liens early on, ensuring that you don’t end up using all your settlement money to pay back the doctors who treated you.  We accomplish this by choosing doctors who are, not only top notch in medical services, but also willing to negotiate your liens to ensure you are their #1 priority.

Right out the gates, we look far, far ahead, years in advance, to figure out all the angles and make sure your end recovery is maximized.  This lets you take the stress of the claim and potential lawsuit off your shoulders on place it onto ours.

Want to learn more?  call or email us day or night.

Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Sources

Most victims look to the insurance company of the driver that hit them for compensation.  But why limit yourself?  What if that driver only has $25,000 of insurance coverage and your case is worth more, do you just give up?  No!

Our legal team turns over every stone to find money that you are owed, which many include from:

  Tortfeasor’s policy

  Tortfeasor’s resident relatives / related policies

  Umbrella policies

  UM / UIM policies

  Property owner policies

In fact, if a bad driver or her/his insurance company says “this is the whole policy, take it,” we almost always say NO!

We won’t take it, unless and until we do an asset check and/or get an affidavit from the insurance company attesting to a lack of other policies and assets.

We are not here for a quick hit-and-run. We are here to make the insurance company pay for what they did to you.  That means flipping over every stone, however long that takes, to ensure every dollar of compensation sources are converted into money in your pocket.

Not every Beverly Hills accident attorney practices this way.  We stand out, because we take less clients, and we fight three times as hard for the clients we have.  We focus on quality, not quantity, and thus far our results support where that has gotten our clients.

Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Data

Here’s the most recent data the State of California collected on motorcycle accident claims in Beverly Hills.  It’s a touch outdated, but it still gives a good snapshot in time of how dangerous it is for motorcyclists in Beverly Hills:

Beverly Hills motorcycle accident data

Ranking in at a strong #2, Beverly Hills is, simply put, not a safe place for motorcyclists.

This data means that motorcycle accidents are also very foreseeable (likely to happen) in Beverly Hills.  A good lawyer knows how to use foreseeability, in conjunction with collision data proving same, to pin the defendant-driver into a box and gain the necessary concessions from her or him to prove the insurance company why they are likely to lose at trial.

Do you want to maximize the value of your settlement?  Our Beverly Hills motorcycle accident lawyers are here for you, and we only get paid if we recover money for you from the insurance company.

Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Credentials

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Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
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