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Beverly Hills Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain Injury Attorney Beverly Hills

For brain injury attorneys in the know, there are specific, unique, strategies that must be used to ensure a client gets a full recovery in a brain injury case.

It starts with careful treatment planning, preemptive management of your medical liens, working with high-end neurologists and diagnostic experts, and collection of 3rd party evidence to corroborate the losses you are suffering.

I have helped many clients with brain injuries, and regularly shut down frivolous insurance arguments, including that you are exaggerating your symptoms.  Our lawyers’ results speak for themselves.  Our clients get paid, and handsomely, as reimbursement for the suffering they endured.

Review our brain injury claim information below, or our brain injury claim analysis article.  When you are ready, call or email us for a free consult on how we can help you maximize your accident claim recovery.

Brain injury attorney Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills brain injury claims
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Brain Injury Attorney Insights

I have settled many, many brain injury accident claims, and can say this with 100% certainty.  If you rely on traditional medical treatment to prove your brain injury claim, you will get a fraction of what your claim is worth.

Why?  I wrote a fuller article on brain injuries, but the bottom line is, this is what insurance companies have successfully labelled as an invisible injury.

These claims are destined to fail (meaning you get pennies on the dollar of what the claim is worth), unless you do these three things:

   Early Neurological Assessment & Treatment

   Special Diagnostics to Objectify the Injury

   Non-Economic Damages Workup for 3rd Party Validation

When these things are done, and early, with careful mapping by an astute brain injury attorney, there is no place for the insurance company to hide behind the “invisible injury” argument.

This is hands down the #1 insight on handling brain injury claims that I teach newer lawyers, and that I help my clients with to ensure they don’t get short changed.

Make sure whoever your lawyer is understands these nuances in building up your brain injury claim to ensure maximum compensation.

Brain Injury Damages

Like most other injury claims, brain injury claims are limited by the type and amount of compensible damages.   Those recoverable damages and injuries are categorized into economic and non-economic damages.  They include:

   Past lost wages

   Potential future lost wages

  Past medical bills

   Potential future medical bills

   Incidental losses (mileage, parking, and other expenses caused by the accident)

   Property Damage (to your vehicle and personal belongings)

  Physical and emotional pain


   Potential punitive damages

By far the greatest area where your recovery can be maximized here are the non-economic damages.  That’s the pain, suffering, and all the ways your life was upended by the accident.

That is also, by far, the most complicated area of damages to prove.  You will 100% be accused of exaggerating your symptoms.  That’s OK, I am used to that argument, and it won’t get in the way of proving the genuineness of your brain injury and resulting deficits.

By carefully collecting evidence from your work, school, and relationships, we can prove how your brain injury is causing you to suffer a variety of harms and losses.  Using in-house checklists and evidence-element maps, we leave no stone un-turned in bringing every dollar of evidence to the table for you, like I have done for dozens of prior clients.

Beverly Hills Brain Injury Lawyer

Beverly Hills Accident Data

The most recent data collected by the State of California for accidents in Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles County, is below:

Beverly Hills Accident Data

These are some pretty scary numbers.  Beverly Hills ranks first for total fatal and injury related car crashes.  Beverly Hills also ranks first for motor vehicle collisions with pedestrians over the age 65.  Overall high ranking for motorcycle and pedestrian crashes, too, with rankings of second for each category.

One thing that jumped out at me, and that has helped me win a number of cases, is speed being a factor.  Again, Beverly Hills is at the top of the tier, ranking second for speed related crashes.  There are many ways I can prove this through diligent investigations, and it always helps put more money in your pocket.

Beverly Hills Brain Injury Settlements With IAG

If you were in a vehicle collision in Beverly Hills and suffered a resulting brain injury, you need legal help to maximize your recovery.

These are “invisible” injuries and insurance adjusters will not be honest with you, often denying liability and the extent of your damages.

Don’t let the insurance company undervalue your claim. Call, email, or message our experienced team using the contact form below, 24/7, for your free consultation.

We are on standby to help you, day or night, get justice and a full recovery for your brain, concussion, and head injuries from the insurance company.

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