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Car Accident Lawyer West Covina

Car Accident Lawyer West Covina

Our lawyers have recovered over $35,000,000 in car accident claims on behalf of injured victims like you.  How?  Because we know the insurance company’s tricks, know how to value cases, and fight the insurance company using advanced litigation tactics to get you the upper hand.

Keep reading to learn what to expect in your car accident claim.  When you are ready to speak with a car accident lawyer in West Covina from our office, call, email, or submit a contact form for a free consultation.

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A West Covina accident lawyer knows the insurance adjuster's tricks
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West Covina Accident Lawyer Fees

If you were involved in a car accident in West Covina, suffered injuries, and need to make a claim for compensation, I have good news for you.  As part of our representation, you can  have $0 in your bank account and still afford to hire us.  Why?

Our office works on a pure contingency fee basis.  What does that mean?  It means us getting paid is contingent on you getting paid.  Unless and until you get paid, neither do we.

In other words, we work off commission, getting paid based on what we recover from the insurance company for you.  But it gets even better, for you that is.  Until your claim resolves, we pay for 100% of your claim costs.

That means we pay for:

   Car accident investigations

   Retrieving your West Covina car accident police report

   Medical record retrieval

   Mediation costs

  Court filing costs

   Expert witnesses

   Litigation costs

Why would we front all of these costs for you?  Because we are that confident that we will win and get paid back.  The fact we’ve recovered over $35,000,000 in car accident claims speaks to that confidence.

Car Accident Lawyer Claim Process

Following a car accident, your claim will go through a number of fairly well established steps.  We call this the claims life cycle.  Although there are likely hundreds of variations to the claims life cycle, if we zoom out and look at the broad steps, here is what your claim process will look like:

   Coordinate and complete your medical treatment

   Collect all evidence

  Submit demand letter and negotiate

   Resolve claim and medical liens

There is some variation in how your claim may “resolve.”  It could resolve through:





If your car accident lawyer does everything right, then you have the highest chance possible of avoiding a trial, and settling your case faster.  That means money in your hands sooner, so you can put the claim behind you and move on with your life.

Our car accident lawyers in West Covina focus on just that – speedy resolution of your claim while maximizing your recovery.

Want to learn more?  Call or email us for a free consultation with one of our car accident lawyers today.

Car Accident Lawyer West Covina with $35M+ Recovered

Damages for Car Accident in West Covina

As part of your car accident claim, you are entitled to make a claim to recover certain things that you have lost.  That is what we call “damages” in the world of personal injury.

You are allowed to recover for the following types of car accident damages:

   Pain and suffering

  Mental anguish and emotional trauma

  Medical expenses

  Lost wages

  Property damage

If there was something egregious related to the happening of your car accident, you may also make a claim for punitive damages.  Those claims are harder to make, and less frequently available because normal negligent or bad driving does not entitle you to punitive damages.

Thankfully, there is no limit or cap to how much you can recover for your pain and suffering.  A good car accident lawyer knows how to highlight your non-economic losses – which are your pain, suffering, and mental trauma – to get you a fair recovery.  But that takes time, because that is the hardest area of damages to prove and most difficult to develop.

Thankfully, our lawyers have handled hundreds of claims and developed a system for guiding you through that.  With damages outlines, checklists, and a process of helping you build your evidence, we ensure you get every penny you deserve for your West Covina car accident claim.

West Covina Car Accident Data

Here is a summary of the most recent data published by the State of California on car accidents in West Covina:

West Covina Car Accident Data

I have reviewed and analyzed the crash data for almost every area in Los Angeles.  These numbers for West Covina speak for themselves, but I should point out they are comforting.  By that, I mean that West Covina is not a terribly dangerous place in terms of car accidents based on this data.

The one data point that sticks out for West Covina is underage drinking related car accidents.  Although the overall number of West Covina injuries and deaths related to underage drinking is relatively low, West Covina still ranks in the top 25% (14th out of 59) for this crash statistic.

If your West Covina car accident involved the other driver being intoxicated, this deserves special attention.  There may be other claims that should be investigated.  Claims which can, not only help establish liability for the other driver, but which may make other insurance policies available for your recovery.

West Covina Car Accident Settlements With IAG

Following a car accident, you need medical treatment, medical bill management, claim management, and an advocate to fight the insurance company for you.

With a West Covina accident lawyer from our team by your side, all of that is taken care of so you can focus on your recovery and getting back to your life the way it was before the car accident.

Call, email, or message our experienced team of car accident lawyers using the contact form below, 24/7, for a free consultation.  We are on standby to fight for your recovery.

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Car Accident Lawyer West Covina
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