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Truck Accident Lawyer in Encino CA

Encino Truck Accident Lawyer

If you are searching for an Encino truck accident lawyer, here’s a sample of what we bring to the table for you, with this being just a few of our truck accident settlements:

Truck accident settlements

With over $35,000,000 in personal injury recoveries for clients like you, IAG lawyers have settled over a dozen truck accident claims, collecting millions of dollars for injured victims.

We have a separate page dedicated to commercial truck accidents and strategy for truck accident claims.  We invite you to review that article, our free truck accident insights below, or reach out to us – via phone or email – for a free consult with an Encino truck accident lawyer from our team.

Your consultation will be 100% FREE, and you never have to pay us unless we recover money for you from the insurance company.  That is our no-fee guarantee.

Encino truck accident lawyer
Encino truck accident lawyer knows the rules of police reports
Encino truck accident lawyer knows it takes patience to resolve truck claims
Encino truck accident lawyers have experience with wrongful death claims
Encino truck accident lawyers with experience handle traumatic injuries
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Encino Truck Accident Legal Services

After being involved in a truck accident, you need certain services ASAP.  A personal injury lawyer is the only resource you have to coordinate all of those services from one hub.  Those services include:

   Coordinating treatment with different medical providers

   Securing evidence, including blackbox data from the truck

   Flushing out insurance coverage of potential defendants

Having dealt with many, many truck accident claims, our lawyers have a step-by-step process for getting you through this minefield and to the finish line.  More importantly, our process ensures you get across the finish line with the largest recovery, and as fast, as possible.

How do we do that?  Because we know the insurance company tricks and excuses they use to not pay you.  We cut the insurance company off at the knees with those arguments, and guide you across each step in the process to make sure you don’t fail to mitigate damages, have any gaps in treatment, and that nothing you do will be improperly used against you.

By helping coordinate your treatment, we also help manage your medical liens to ensure your entire settlement doesn’t go towards paying back doctors for medical treatment.  That’s the benefit of having access to our coordination of care and network.

Watch out for firms who want to flip your case for a quick paycheck.  We are not a settlement firm, and we take great pride in that.  We are a full-scope truck accident firm that knows the federal regulations governing tractor trailers and know how to prove your case on liability, causation, and damages; all necessary elements of your negligence claim.

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Truck Accident Liability

In every truck accident case, liability is often hotly contested.  Liability is the legal word for two negligence elements – duty and breach.

In reality, what is often hotly contested is the breach element.  That dispute revolves around whether the truck driver or trucking company did something unsafe which caused your crash to happen.

Here are the most common ways that we have found that truck drivers or companies breach the standards of care in truck accident cases:

  Truck driver speeding to make good time on a route

  Truck driver falling asleep because he is driving too much without rest

  Truck driver high on amphetamine trying to burn the midnight oil to make more money

  Trucking company takes shortcuts in truck maintenance

  Trucking company does a budget job vetting and training drivers

Our results show you that we’ve figured out the pressure points in truck accident claims, and how to make the trucking company very, very worried.  That’s the only reason they pay – not because they feel bad about what they did, they’re concerned about being held publicly accountable for that conduct.

Like clockwork, when our lawyers have taken “Persona Most Knowledgeable” (a/k/a deposition of the trucking company’s corporate executives) depositions in trucking accident cases, the trucking company’s lawyers are constantly fidgeting as we launch one uncomfortable question after another, painting the trucking company for its negligent acts.

Those depositions, and carefully crafted discovery, helps flush out and prove liability in a way that forces the trucking company to either admit they did something wrong, or look disingenuous for denying it.

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Encino Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Settlement Timeline

Here’s a basic carve out of your potential, future claim timeline.  This timeline is based on the assumption that truck crashes often lead to serious injuries, and that you suffered serious injuries which requires substantial medical treatment:

  Medical treatment – 9 months

  Collect records – 2 month

   Analyze/sort records – 2 weeks

   Prepare demand package – 2 weeks

  Negotiate with adjuster – 3 months

   Complete settlement paperwork / send you check – 1 month

That’s almost 1 1/2 years to get you across the settlement finish line.

If the case does not settle, then we will file a lawsuit for you.  Typically, that means another 1 1/2 to 2 years added to the resolution timeline.

The good news is, we handle everything from A-Z for you in that process.  That means you can move on with your life while we complete the full time job of building up, proving, and fighting for, your claim.

Getting a top notch truck accident lawyer is the only way to shorten that timeline.  A quality trucking lawyer will be aggressive in discovery, be a thorn in the insurance company’s behind, and make them want to pay the claim to make you go away.

Encino Truck Accident Settlements With IAG

If you were in a truck accident in Encino or anywhere in Los Angeles, you need a legal team familiar with truck accident claims and how to navigate the complex liability issues surrounding those claims.

We are not only in your backyard, which means we have familiarity with the local adjusters and defense attorneys who will be on your claim, but we also have the substantive, trucking accident claim, familiarity to make sure you win.

Call, email, or message us to speak with an Encino truck accident lawyer from our office.  We are on standby to help you, day or night, and offer FREE consultations to all new clients.

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Encino Truck Accident Lawyer
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