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Personal Injury Attorney in Torrance CA

Personal Injury Attorney in Torrance CA

Our lawyers have recovered over $35,000,000 for personal injury clients.  How?  Because we know how to calculate personal injury claim values, and we know the tricks that insurance adjusters use to justify not paying you.

By mapping your claim many months, and years, ahead with strategic litigation and pre-litigation planning, we ensure that your claim is always well positioned to settle and for top value.

Keep reading to learn more about how a Torrance personal injury attorney from our office can help you, or call or email us 24/7 for a FREE consultation with an injury attorney from our team.

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Torrance Personal Injury Attorney Fees

Throughout the legal community, including in Torrance, and for all personal injury claims and lawyers who handle those claims, there is an industry custom when it comes to personal injury attorney fees.

The standard is to not charge clients any money upfront, and to instead charge you a contingency fee.  A contingency fee means that we take all the financial risk on the case.  We pay for all the court filing costs, expert fees, deposition and litigation expenses, and any other money needed to favorably resolve your claim.

We do all of that for free, without you paying anything out of pocket, with one goal.  That we get money from the insurance company for you.  If that doesn’t happen, we never get paid.  Period.  That’s our no fee guarantee.

If we do get money from the insurance company, then we are paid a percentage of that recovery.  Because our ability to get paid is based on, and paid from, only money that we recover for you, it’s called a contingency fee; hence, it’s contingent on us getting results.

The good news for many people is, this means you can ALWAYS afford to hire us, because you don’t have to pay us anything out of pocket.  If you were injured, then you can afford us, because suffering a negligently induced injury is the only thing we require before we agree to work for you.  For a free consultation to learn more, reach out to us 24/7.

Personal Injury Liability Elements

In every personal injury case, you have to prove liability, which is the legal word for “the defendant did something wrong.”  Liability has two elements:


   Breach of Duty

You can prove the first element, existence of a duty, through a variety of sources, such as:

  Industry guidelines

  Driving statutes

  Medical literature

  Expert testimony

  Regulations and Codes

  Safety handbooks

In car accidents, duty is rarely an issue.  In other types of personal injury cases, duty is hard fought – you have to prove, sufficiently, that the other person or company had a duty to do the things that you claim they did not do.

Breach of duty is proven through facts, and is very case specific.  For most personal cases, this is where your case can take the biggest hits.  If you don’t have a quality personal injury lawyer in your corner, one who knows how to develop a case with depositions and sophisticated written discovery requests, you could face a a motion filed by the defense attorney to throw your case out.

This is why it’s important to develop your liability story before your personal injury case is filed.  We like to use evidence-element charts to map out the facts we have, and the facts we need, to prove each component of your personal injury claim.  That ensures that we didn’t miss any opportunities to maximize your claim, both in terms of liability and damages strength.

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Torrance Personal Injury Attorney with $35M+ Recovered

Torrance Personal Injury Claim Values

We’ve spent thousands of hours searching settlements and verdicts from around the country, including from Torrance and throughout Los Angeles.  We posted some of that research for free on our website, where it’s sorted by injury type.

However, any Torrance personal injury attorney worthy of listening to knows this fact to be true: you cannot reverse engineer the value of your claim based on the injury type and medical expenses.

I’ll share a real case to explain why.  One of our lawyers represented a client who had a soft tissue injury to his back, with $25,000 of medical expenses for treatment.  Other, veteran lawyers thought the case was worth about $50,000.  Why?  Because many lawyers turn their nose up to soft tissue injuries, it’s the most insignificant injury they would say.  And the medical expenses are small, and multiplying them x2 gets to $50,000.

Our lawyer disagreed, and dug deeper, finding dozens of potent facts that helped illustrate the full scope of what the personal injury client was suffering.  That case settled for $200,000.

So while we invite you to browse our personal injury claim value library, the bottom line is a lawyer has to deep dive into your case facts to find tangible and intangible strengths and weaknesses.  Then, and only then, can a personal injury lawyer give you a fair estimate of your claim value.

If you’d like us to calculate the value of your injury claim and take on the insurance company for you to get you a fair settlement, call or email our office for your free consultation with one of our Torrance injury attorneys.

Personal Injury Claim Types

This may seem very basic, but sometimes potential clients call and ask if their claim qualifies as a personal injury claim.  For that reason, I’ll outline here some of the different types of personal injury claims.  They include:

  Car accidents

  Slip and falls

  Medical malpractice

  Wrongful death

  Premises liability

  Nursing home injuries

The short of it is, a personal injury attorney can help you any time your injury was caused by the negligent conduct of another person or company.

Whether the conduct qualifies as negligent takes us back to the personal injury liability elements discussed above.  If you need help determining if you have a viable personal injury claim, we invite you to call or email us for a free consultation with a Torrance personal injury attorney from our office.

Torrance Personal Injury Settlements With IAG

Regardless of how you were injured, if another person caused that injury, it means you have a legal right to force them to pay for everything you lost because of that injury.  Said differently, they have a legal obligation to reimburse you for your injuries, damages, and losses.

But they are not fighting alone.  Bad drivers, property owners, and medical providers have billion dollar insurance companies with an army of lawyers ready to fight for them.  Thankfully, you are not alone, because IAG is here for you.

Call, email, or message us to speak with an experienced Torrance personal injury lawyer from our office for a free legal consultation.  24/7, any day, we invite you to call us and get the protection and legal help you deserve.

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Personal Injury Attorney in Torrance CA
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