Article Updated:  April 25, 2022

Santa Monica Motorcycle Accident LawyerSanta Monica Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Did you know that certain motorcycles receive a greater bias from juries?

Greater bias equals smaller recoveries for injured motorcyclists.  A good motorcycle accident lawyer knows this, and in turn takes all the steps necessary to eliminate and address that bias to maximize your claim.

We have an entire page dedicated to analysis of motorcycle accident claims where we deep dive into motorcycle claim issues.  We invite you read that article, our motorcycle accident write-up below, or contact us – via phone, email, or a contact form – for a free consultation and to receive help resolving or settling your motorcycle accident claim.

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Motorcycle Accident Liability

In simple terms, liability refers to who was at fault for your motorcycle accident.

Liability in motorcycle accidents are hotly contested.  This is no different if your collision happened in Encino or anywhere else in Los Angeles.  Like clockwork, in every motorcycle accident, the insurance company will claim that:

  The motorcyclist was going too fast

  The motorcyclist made an unsafe lane change or was positioned in a dangerous manner within the lane

99.99% of the time, the defendant-driver, who caused your crash, will try to blame you.  This is why it’s super important to take certain steps in these cases to avoid stepping on liability landmines.

Here’s a short list of what should be done:

  Do not talk to any insurance adjusters without a lawyer

  Secure photographs of your bike at its final resting position post collision

  Collect contact information for witnesses who saw what happened

  Get security footage from any nearby video cameras

  Preserve the condition of the motorcycle so crash reconstruction can analyze it

I said short list for a reason – there are dozens, if not over 100, things that must be done for your motorcycle accident claim to ensure you’re not forced to accept a less than full settlement.  We have internal checklists we use to make sure nothing is forgotten, from liability, to causation, to damages, to make your claim airtight.

Our checklists and claim workup extends far beyond liability, though.  As mentioned above, we also have a system to getting all the damages evidence you need to prove everything you went through and suffered resulting from the accident.  We use photographs, videos, demonstratives, and illustrations, to show not tell the insurance adjuster, and if necessary the jury, what you went through.

It’s this level of zealous attention to detail and strategy that has helped IAG lawyers collect over $35,000,000 for injured victims like you.

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Motorcycle Accident Claim Tips

Clients who retain us on their claim get unfettered access to all of our insights and strategy.  A few nuggets of that we’ll share here, specifically, motorcycle accident tips that can help every motorcycle related injury claim:

   Save and don’t wash your accident clothes

   Get proof of all your motorcycle organization memberships

   Get proof of your long-rides and group rides

   Test your mechanic’s willingness to testify

You probably read some, if not all, of those items and thought, what does any of that have to do with my motorcycle accident or settlement?

We’ve been doing this a long time.  We have spoken with focus groups, jurors, and have tested ways to strengthen different components of your claim in the eyes of adjusters and juries.  There are things that can be done with the evidence listed above that can paint you in such a light as to strengthen your liability and even enhance your damages and injury arguments.

If you have not collected any of this or it would be a headache to do so, don’t worry, once you retain us we will work with you to collect this evidence and to shape it in a way that helps prove your liability and damages positions.

Want to learn more?  Call, email, or submit the contact form below for a free consultation.

Santa Monica Motorcycle Accident Statistics

This is pretty scary data for motorcyclists in Santa Monica: Santa Monica is #1 in motorcycle accidents based on this most recent data from the State of California:

Santa Monica Motorcycle Accident Data

According to this data, there are 43 motorcycle related injuries or deaths every year.  That means one Santa Monica motorcyclist dies or is seriously injured every year from a motorcycle related collision.

Our lawyers have successfully used accident data like this to prove liability components of an accident case.  The mechanism through which that is accomplished is the legal concept of “foreseeability.”

When an injury or outcome is foreseeable, then reasonable conduct must adjust to that foreseeability.  Here, Santa Monica is statistically significant for motorcycle accidents.  Thus, defendant-drivers in Santa Monica cannot deny the danger – posed to motorcyclists – to motorcycles with whom those defendant car and truck drivers must share the road.

Our lawyers have used variations of this evidence and argument in dozens of cases, including in opening statements to a jury.  This is just one of the ways we maximize recoveries for our clients in need of legal help and justice following a crash.

Santa Monica Motorcycle Accident Settlements With IAG

If you were in a collision and are now searching for a Santa Monica motorcycle accident lawyer, we are here for you.  We appreciate the bias that you face as a motorcyclist on our roads, and that cars often treat you as a second class citizen.

It’s not only unfair, but it’s unlawful and we don’t put up with it.  Get the recovery and justice you deserve.  Call, email, or message us via the contact form below to speak with a dedicated Santa Monica motorcycle accident lawyer from our team today.

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