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Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The car, that was tucked to the right, unexpectedly made a hard left to, apparently, attempt a u-turn in the middle of the road.  What a dumb, and illegal, move. A move that caught our lawyer’s motorcycle riding client by surprise.  He ran right into the car and banged up his shoulder pretty bad.

The “problem,” according to the insurance company?  Our client only had about 45k in medical bills, didn’t break any bones, and therefore wasn’t hurt enough to justify a six-figure settlement.

The motorcycle accident attorney from our team did not just disagree.  He disagreed with a vengeance, and made the insurance company pay.  Forget just breaking 100k for a six-figure settlement.  He got this motorcycle accident victim $250,000.

Read below to learn what you must do to get top dollar for your motorcycle accident claim, and how we help you with that process.  We also have a page dedicated to analysis of motorcycle accidents.

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Sherman Oaks motorcycle accident attorney
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Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Accident Claims Process

After a motorcycle accident, here are the broad stroke steps from accident to settlement check in your hand that must be completed:

  Medical treatment

  Collect medical records & evidence

  Settlement demand process

   Negotiate Settlement & if that fails file a lawsuit

I make it sound easy, but obviously it’s not.  There are hundreds of mini-tasks, steps, and assignments we complete for you throughout the lifetime of your motorcycle accident claim.

It is, effectively, a full time job to resolve any personal injury claim.  That’s the whole point of what we do – we let you move on with your life and take on this job for you; a job, mind you, that we’ve done for over a decade with tens of millions under our belt to prove how good we are at it.

Motorcycle Accident Elements You Must Prove

To win your motorcycle accident claim, your attorney must prove these four elements:





The biggest fight a motorcycle accident attorney must win for you is liability; that’s the word for the first two elements of duty and breach.

Why is that a big fight?  Because in every motorcycle accident, the motorcycle rider has a bias against him or her.  The other driver will almost always try to blame you.  It’s unfair, it’s unjust, and we don’t put up with it.  Instead, we expose the fact that the other driver and their insurance company is trying to manipulate that bias into unjustly defeat liability.

Once we expose their hand, they have no curtains to hide behind and we can get to the heart of your case – proving your damages and how much you deserve for suffering those damages.

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Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Accident Attorney with $35 Million in Recoveries

Motorcycle Accident Claim Factors (2 Factors)

There are hundreds of variables that factor into calculating the value of every motorcycle accident settlement.  Two of the biggest injury related factors are:

   Injury Type

   Injury Location

We have an injury home page that dissects this issue. Here’s the short version: the location and type of injury impacts how much money you get for that injury.  In other words, the exact same injury has different settlement value ranges based on where on your body it occurred.

For example, will you get more money if you suffer a bulging disc in your middle spine versus your lower spine.  The answer as to why is fairly complicated and would require a few pages to explain all the angles.  Generally, some of the reason is anatomical, some is lay perception, and some is correlation of movement pinged to different parts of your spine.

The point is, our motorcycle accident attorneys know these angles, and how to highlight how each variable on each angle is impacting you in a negative way so that, regardless of where the injury occurred on your body, you get the top of the range in settlement for your injury.

Motorcycle Accident Damages You Can Recover

“Damages” is the word lawyers and judges use to describe what you suffered.

Damages that a Sherman Oaks motorcycle accident attorney can recover for you include:

  Lost Wages (past and future)

  Medical Expenses (past and future)

  Property Damage (e.g., damage to your car)

  Miscellaneous Out of Pocket Expenses (e.g., gas, mileage)

  Emotional Injuries (such as stress)

  Physical Injuries (such as physical pain)

Once we jump on board to help you, a dedicated accident attorney from our team works with you to build up your losses for each category of recoverable damages.  This helps ensure that you leave no money on the table.

Thankfully, there is no limit to how much you can recover for your physical and emotional injuries.  It will be based on your actual losses. If those losses are significant, so too will our efforts to ensure the bad driver and their insurance company don’t get any discounts in what they did to you.

Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Accident Settlements

Our lawyers’ $35,000,000+ in personal injury recoveries speaks to our competence and what we are capable to doing for you.  Of course, each case is different and prior results don’t guarantee outcomes for specific cases, but we’ve recovered big money for motorcycle accident victims like you.

Call, email, or message us to claim your free consultation and ask how we can maximize your motorcycle accident settlement.  You deserve justice, and we will fight tooth and nail to ensure you get it.

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Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Accident Attorney
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