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Truck Accident Lawyers Torrance

If you were in a truck accident in Torrance, or anywhere in Los Angeles, you do not have a typical vehicle collision claim.  An entire different set of insurance adjusters, defense lawyers, and claim hurdles exist for truck accidents.

We have successfully settled the following types of truck accident claims:

   Tractor trailer truck accident

   Armored truck accident

♦   Garbage truck accident

   Construction truck accident

  Pickup truck accident

Our lawyers have recovered over $35,000,000 for injured crash victims, largely from truck accident claims.  Nearly every one of our truck accident clients has recovered over $200,000.  Many have recovered over $500,000.  While prior case results don’t guarantee what will happen with your claim, it does let you know what we are capable of accomplishing for truck accident victims like you.

Below is our truck accident claim analysis.  We invite you to review that and call or email our law office to have dedicated truck accident lawyers fight to protect your claim, and get you justice.

Truck accident lawyers Torrance California
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Truck Accident Claim Process

Truck accident claims have two phases.  There’s a pre-litigation phase and a litigation phase.  The pre-litigation phase has these steps:

  Medical treatment

  Records collection and sorting

  Demand letter

  Settlement negotiation

Because of the nature of truck accident claims, their high value, and the hard-line tactics that truck accident insurance adjusters take, your claim is destined for litigation.  The litigation phase has these steps:

  Draft and file complaint and serve discovery requests

  Answer all written discovery sent to you

  Conduct and complete depositions

  Motions’ practice

  Trial with related trial prep

With proper case workup, damages development, and aggressive discovery, you can shorten the timeline it takes to complete these steps by bringing full court pressure on the insurance company.  To recruit our 10+ years of expertise to do all of these steps for you, contact us day or night.

Truck Accident Damages

Like other personal injury claims, truck accident claims may recover certain legally allowed types of damages.  Those damages all fall into one of these categories:

  Medical expenses (past and future)

  Lost income (past and future)

  Pain, suffering, and mental anguish (past and future)

  Vehicle and personal property damage

I am excluding punitive damages, but that is sometimes available, too.

Each of these categories of damages are fought for tooth and nail.  Even something simple like recovery of your medical bills must be fought for.  Insurance lawyers will argue that your doctors charged you too much (I’m being serious, this is one of their favorite arguments).  If your lawyer doesn’t know how to defend against that attack, you could end up recovering only 1/2 of your medical expenses.

Because we know the arguments the insurance company uses to not pay you, and how to counter those attacks, we ensure you get a full recovery.  Through diligent case preparation, evidence collection, and lien management, we ensure that the entire case revolves around one thing – maximizing your net settlement.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Torrance with $35M+ Recovered

Torrance Truck Accident Injury Values

In a separate article we explain how two injury factors have the greatest impact on your injury claim value.  Those factors are:

  Type of injury you suffered

  Location of the injury on your body

Broken bones will not always get you a larger settlement than say, for example, a soft tissue injury.  The location of the fracture will make a big difference.  If it’s a broken finger it may get you much less than a soft tissue injury to your lower back.

We have a library where we published some of our research on injury claim values, sorted by settlements and verdicts for different injuries.

Don’t get too hung up on trying to reverse engineer the value of your claim based on your injury, though.  There are dozens of intangible factors that go into calculating the value of a truck accident claim.  You need someone who knows how to identify those factors, then effectively use them as leverage to increase the value of your claim.

When it comes to finding quality truck accident lawyers in Torrance, our lawyers have consistently recovered big checks for our truck accident clients.  Here are a few of our results:

Torrance Truck Accident Settlements with IAG

We have a verdict and settlement page that lists even more of our lawyers’ results, totaling over $35,000,000.

Torrance Truck Accident Settlements With IAG

From the first call until you have a check in hand, our entire practice focuses on getting you the largest recovery possible, and making sure the trucking company and truck driver don’t get away with what they did to you.

Let us help you win.  Call, email, or message us to speak with one of our truck accident lawyers in Torrence today.  Our no-fee guarantee ensures that if we don’t get money from the insurance company, we never get paid.  We have every incentive to maximize your recovery, and have a track record of doing exactly that for truck accident clients.

Credentials for Truck Accident Lawyers in Torrance

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