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Personal Injury lawyer Sherman Oaks

Personal Injury Lawyer Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is around the corner from our main office in Beverly Hills.  We can meet you at that office, at a satellite location in Sherman Oaks, via telephone, or via Zoom for a virtual fee consultation.

Our personal injury lawyers have recovered over $35,000,000 for injured victims, so we know how to maximize these claims. We also prepared a free legal library analyzing different injury types and issues related to each injury, all found in our injury settlement library.

Below, we walk through the basics of Sherman Oaks personal injury claims.  Keep reading, or call, email, or submit a contact form for a no-strings attached free consultation with one of our Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyers.

Personal injury lawyer Sherman Oaks
A Personal injury lawyer Sherman Oaks can help settle your shoulder accident claim
Personal injury lawyer Sherman Oaks familiar with whiplash injuries
Personal injury lawyer Sherman Oaks for internal injury claims
Personal injury lawyer Sherman Oaks for settling soft tissue claims
Top notch Personal injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks

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Sherman Oaks Personal Injury Claims Process

Regardless of how you were injured (whether in a vehicle accident, slip and fall, by a defective product, or at a workplace accident), every personal injury claim has the following steps:

   Get medical treatment

   Collect and sort all treatment records

   Prepare demand package & send to insurance company

   Negotiate Settlement & if that fails file a lawsuit

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of steps that we complete for clients that fit into, and between, each of those main steps.

For example, we work with experts to strengthen the causation evidence and win the causation fight that we know the insurance company always starts with you.  So let’s transition to the elements of your personal injury claim and talk about causation and the other things we will help prove to win your claim.

Personal Injury Negligence Elements

Every personal injury case has the following elements that you must prove, and that we help you prove:





Duty is easy, and is rarely a fight for car accident cases.

The real fight is almost always on the issue of causation.  That is, for example, was your neck or back already injured from a prior accident/event or was it injured in this accident?

We did a deep dive on this causation challenge in our guide on beating insurance tactics.  Read Chapter 1 & 2 from that article to learn how we dissect this issue for you and help piece together the causation puzzle to win your claim.

Whether you let us help you or hire another personal injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks, make sure your lawyer has this nuanced level of causation knowledge, otherwise you’ll be left holding the bag.

For a free consult to ask how we can help maximize your claim, call or email us to find out more.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Sherman Oaks With Millions Recovered

Personal Injury Claim Factors (2 Factors)

There are hundreds of variables that factor into calculating the value of your personal injury claim.  Two of the biggest injury related factors are:

   Injury Type

   Injury Location

Our injury home page breaks this down in more detail.  The summary is this – certain injuries are worth more if they happen on certain body parts.

For example, will you get more money if you herniate a disc in your thoracic spine or in your lumbar spine?  There is no black and white rule.  That said, having reviewed hundreds of claims, there is a statistically significant answer.  One of those, with all else being equal, will get you more money about 90% of the time.

Our personal injury lawyers use these nuances in claim valuation.  As a result, we preemptively build up the parts of your claim that we know the insurance company will try to attack.  That, in turn, best positions you to get full justice for your injuries.

Personal Injury Damages You Can Recover

“Damages” is the legal word for what you lost or suffered as a result of a personal injury related incident.

The damages you can recover in a personal injury case are:

  Lost Wages (past and future)

  Medical Expenses (past and future)

  Property Damage (vehicle or personal property)

  Miscellaneous Out of Pocket Expenses (travel expenses, gas, mileage, co-pays)

  Emotional Injuries (such as fear)

  Physical Injuries (such as pain)

We work diligently to workup each category of damages, and outline them all for the insurance company.  Why?  Because if your case gets decided by a jury at trial, the same thing happens; i.e., the jury awards you a dollar amount for each category of harms and losses you suffered.  So we make the insurance company jump through those same hurdles, which puts the spotlight on any shortcuts they try to take in valuing your suffering and losses.

Sherman Oaks Personal Injury Settlements With IAG

Although prior results don’t guarantee future outcomes, our lawyers’ $35,000,000+ in personal injury recoveries speaks to our competence and what we are capable to doing for you.

Call, email, or message us to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks from our team and receive your free consultation.  You deserve it, and we will fight to ensure you get every penny you deserve.

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