No Fee Guarantee

ZERO upfront fees, ZERO retainer deposit, we front 100% of the case costs, and take 100% of the financial risk.  We ONLY get paid when we recover money from the insurance company, through our contingency fee agreement.

Proven Track Record

Our lawyers have recovered OVER $35 MILLION dollars for vehicle accident victims like you.  How?  We do NOT rely on “settlement calculators”  and know the value of your case is greater than the total of your medical expenses and lost wages.

Vehicle & Malpractice Focus

The Majority of the work we do is fighting insurance claim disputes for nursing home and hospital claims or personal injury clients who were hurt in vehicle accidents  That laser focus gives us an edge over law firms that handle 10+ case types.

Access to Medicine

You have NO health insurance?  You have HIGH premiums?  Your in-network providers are limited?  We have built relationships with experienced medical professionals, including surgeons, physical therapists, and pain management specialists.  Our medical referrals will provide you ALL the treatment you need on a 100% lien basis.

We Win Disputed Liability Cases

Our lawyers WON 85% of their disputed liability cases, where the insurance adjuster denies liability.  We have even negotiated a 100k+ settlements in cases where the police report said our client was at fault.  We offer FREE 30 minute case consultations so you can ask about your liability for free.

We Care for You

You are NOT a case, a paycheck, or “another client.”  You are someone that was seriously hurt because of something that was not your fault, and you need HELP.  That is the lens through which we work with you.  You will FEEL the difference.

You Win with Our Lawyers:

60+ Settlements of $100,000+
10+ Settlements of $1,000,000+



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Truck Accident



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Car Accident

Vehicle Accident Cases

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Hospital & Nursing Home Malpractice

Bedsore Injuries

Bedsores are the #1 injury suffered by nursing home residents, and one of the most common injuries suffered by extended stay hospital patients.

Having investigated these claims, we know that over 95% of bedsores are preventable; i.e., they are proof of malpractice. That means your family member’s Stage IV pressure ulcer, osteomyelitis, bacteremia, septic shock, or death, were avoidable.

This also means that you are most likely entitled to compensation for the bedsore injury, and the losses that resulted from it.  A good bedsore lawyer can help you pursue those claims.

With our army of expert witnesses supporting you, along with our knowledge of the medical issues, bedsore litigation strategy, and national network of bedsore lawyers, you will find answers to what happened to your loved one, why it happened, and get justice.

For a free consultation, complete the contact form below, send us an e-mail at, or call us directly at (800) 484-0779.

Bedsore Legal Options

Settlement & Strategy Library

Lawyer Written Strategy Guides

Using our extensive experience litigating personal injury claims, we created detailed articles to answer the most commonly asked injury claim questions.

Those answers are all uploaded here in this free online library found on our website.

This is not generic information.

It includes detailed strategy information on each topic applied specifically to personal injury claims, written by a lawyer on our team.

How Our Library is Organized

Our library is divided into two sections:

I.  Auto Claim Strategy Guides

II. Injury Value & Settlement Strategy Guides

Each of the above two landing pages contains a table of contents which outlines all the strategy guides within that section.

The injury value articles contain real settlements and verdicts that we’ve pulled from private legal research databases to which we have access.

Results from some of the lawyers on our team are also included in several of those pages, with explanations about the particular settlement.

For Victims & Lawyers

The content on this website is intended to educate both personal injury claim victims and accident lawyers, from whom we often receive calls for advice.

Whether you are searching for an updated list of verdicts and settlements sorted by your type of injury or the body part you injured, need to learn how attorneys’ fees work, or want a 411 on how case values are determined, you will find those answers here.

24/7 Help

Once you are ready, we invite you to call our office for a free 30 minute consultation with a lawyer.

Call any time to ask what our legal team can do to help fight for your legal right to a fair settlement.

If we don’t have an article on a topic that is of interest to you, send us a message and let us know.

We want our research database to be comprehensive, and we’ll work to write an article on that topic.

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