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Truck Accident Lawyer Santa MonicaTruck Accident Lawyer Santa Monica

Truck accident claims are a unique animal, and are very different from car accident claims.  Advanced trucking regulations, liability issues, and negligent hiring claims must also be explored.

Here are a few of our truck accident settlements that speak to our lawyers’ familiarity in handling and litigating these claims:

Truck Accident Lawyer Recoveries

Our lawyers have collected over $35,000,000 from insurance companies, including millions for truck accident claims.  We have a dedicated page where we analyze truck accident claims issues.  While prior results don’t guarantee outcomes in a specific case, they inform you on what a lawyer is capable of achieving.

We invite you to review our truck accident page, our article below, or reach out to us via call, email, or a contact form, for a FREE, no-strings attached, consultation.  We work on a pure contingency fee basis, which means you never have to pay us unless we recover money from the insurance company for you.

Truck accident lawyer Santa Monica
A Truck accident lawyer Santa Monica knows spine injury issues
How a Truck accident lawyer Santa Monica determines liability in tractor crashes
Why a Truck accident lawyer Santa Monica can help win based on seriousness of your injury
Each of our Truck accident lawyers in Santa Monica use a 100+ factor checklist to evaluate your claim
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Truck Accident Liability

Liability is the part of every accident case that relates to whether you can prove the other driver, in your case a truck or trucking company, did something wrong.

There are two elements to liability


  Breach of Duty

In truck accident cases, you can prove the existence of a duty from a variety of sources, including:

  Federal regulations

  California state rules of the road

  Los Angeles specific ordinances and regulations

  Experts who establish safety standards

  Industry guidelines

Once you prove that a duty existed, you have to flush out the facts you have in support to prove that the defendant – whether it be a truck driver or trucking company – did not follow that duty.  Legally, that is called “breach of duty” or that the defendant “breached the standards of care.”

Once liability is proven, you must prove your damages elements.

Truck Accident Damages

There are two elements that you must prove to establish damages in every truck accident claim.  These apply equally well for Santa Monica related truck accidents.  They are:



Causation refers to the fact that your specific injury was caused by the specific truck accident.  The insurance company will always try to prove that your injury was caused by something else; for example, a pre-existing condition.

The last element, damages, refers to proof of the nature and extent of the actual injury. For example, if you have medical bills, you must prove a variety of things related to those medical bills to justify those damages.  Those would include:

  The bills were fair and reasonable

  The bills relate to treatment that was administered because of your crash

  The treatment to which the bills relate was reasonable and not excessive

The insurance lawyers are taught to fight you on every-single-issue, so be prepared for a full battle on every issue outlined above.

Thankfully, by working with quality and experienced experts, medical professionals, and vendors, we ensure that you have the greatest chance possible of winning those fights and getting a complete recovery.

For professional help building your damages claim and fighting the insurance company, call or email us to speak with a Santa Monica truck accident lawyer from our Los Angeles office.

Santa Monica Truck Accident Lawyer Consultation

Truck Accident Settlement Process

Every truck accident claim, barring exceptions, has a fairly predictable settlement process.  Our lawyers know, because they have handled well over a dozen truck accident claims.

Some of the major steps in the process are:

  Serve letter of representation on trucking company

  Serve preservation letter on trucking company

  Inspect vehicles

  Collect medical records

  Analyze evidence and submit demand letter

  Negotiate claim resolution

  Negotiate medical liens

  Do final accounting and disburse settlement proceeds

There are dozens, if not over a hundred, steps that occur before, after, and between, the broad steps outlined above.  Internally, we have systems in place to make sure no steps are forgotten and that your settlement is maximized.

It’s important to keep in mind that, unlike workers’ compensation claims, in personal injury truck accident claims you only get once chance to get it right.  Barring exceptions such as legal errors leading to an appeal, if yo wing it and get it wrong, there are no re-dos.

This is why it’s so important to retain an experienced truck accident attorney right out the gates.  Want to learn more?  Call, email, or submit the contact form below for a free consultation.

Santa Monica Truck Accident Settlements With IAG

We have settled numerous truck accident cases for over $500,000.  That includes cases that did not even result in a surgery.  These claims have tremendous settlement potential, largely because your physical outcome following a truck accident is not good.

With injuries and life changes that significant, you need someone who knows the insurance company’s playbook and how to find and enhance the value of your claim.  That is exactly what IAG does for you.

For a free consultation with a Santa Monica truck accident lawyer from our team, call, email, or message us via the contact form at the bottom of this page.  You deserve justice, and we are on standby to deliver it for you.

Santa Monica Truck Accident Lawyer Credentials

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