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Beverly Hills Truck Accident Attorneys

Beverly Hills Truck Accident Attorneys

You name it, our lawyers have handled it, from:

   Tractor-trailer / big-rig truck accidents

   Armored truck accidents

   Box truck accidents

   Garbage truck accidents

   Construction accidents

   Tow-truck accidents

   Pickup truck accidents

We have done more than handle each of those case-types, we have collected millions of dollars in personal injury settlements for clients, just like you, hurt in trucking collisions.

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Truck Accident Liability

The basic elements you must prove to win your truck accident claim is that the truck driver and/or trucking company (a) had a duty to do something and (b) breached that duty by doing something they should not have done.  They call that duty and breach, which are the two elements of liability.

The real nuance is delineating what the duties were, and establishing how those duties were breached.

Here are some duties and related breaches we would investigate for you in a truck accident claim:

   Fatigued, overworked, trucker loses focus

  Poor truck maintained leads to malfunction

  Overworked driver speeds to meet delivery times

  Trucking company fails to vet driver qualifications

In the end, when we can prove things the trucking company did wrong, as opposed to just things the truck driver did wrong, we can get you more money for your claim.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve done in that regard:

Truck Accident Attorney Beverly Hills Settlement Samples

Going after the trucking company, however, requires more sophisticated discovery and litigation prowess.  We have that, and will use it, and other tools at our disposal, to get you the maximum amount possible for your claim.  And while prior results don’t guarantee what you will get, you can see it shows what we are capable of accomplishing for injured victims like you.

Call or email us to find out more, or continue reading to learn about recoverable damages for trucking collision claims.

Truck Accident Damages

I understand you may want to know how much your case is worth. To determine that, we evaluate three clusters of evidence:

  Economic damages (things that come with a sticker price, like medical bills)

  Non-economic damages (things that don’t come with a sticker price, like physical pain)

  Intangibles (strategic factors, like jurisdiction)

There is no such thing as a settlement calculator.  It doesn’t exist, and we wrote an article debunking that concept.  The “settlement calculator” concept is just a marketing scheme that some law firms came up with to tease injured victims onto their websites.

If you want to determine what your  claim is worth, you need a deep dive into the facts of your case.  In the end, your claim will not have a set value.  Instead, it will have a settlement range, something we explain in our verdicts and settlements page.

Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.  That said, we invite you to use any lawyer’s prior results to measure, not your possible outcome, but that lawyer or firm’s abilities and litigation prowess.

Could you benefit from legal assistance from one of our Beverly Hills truck accident attorneys?  With no strings attached, we invite you to call or email us to find out why, as has proven true for dozens of prior victims seeking justice, the answer is a resounding yes.

Truck Accident Attorney in Beverly Hills with Over $35 Million in Recoveries

Beverly Hills Truck Accident Data

We retrieved from the State of California’s database the below Beverly Hills accident data.  What bothered us is that Beverly Hills truck accident data was not included in the County’s data collection metrics.

Beverly Hills Truck Accident Data

Regardless, you see that Beverly Hills has high levels of collision fatalities and ranks poorly for nighttime collisions, when many tractor trailers run their routes.

We use data like this to prove that your collision was foreseeable.  By doing that, we keep the liability story strong, and force the trucking company and driver to stay on their heels playing defense while we continue to play offense, building your case for a favorable result.

Want to learn more?  call or email us day or night.

Truck Accident Claim Hurdles

I have to say this here – I am not your lawyer unless you sign paperwork hiring me and my firm.  Until then, nothing I say here is considered legal advice.  With that out of the way, let’s cover some of the major truck accident hurdles that we tackle for you.

Issue #1.  Blackbox data.  This must be done ASAP, right after the crash.  We send a spoliation letter to the bad guys and let them know to preserve the truck and blackbox.  If they destroy it, we shove that down their throat throughout the claim (via threats of an evidentiary spoliation instruction to the jury) to shake a bigger settlement out of them.  We have experts available to download and analyze the black box data.  There is gold in that data.  We can find out if, for example, the truck did not brake before the collision.  Why would that happen?  Likely an inattentive, overworked, or sleepy driver.  We can win your liability claim with evidentiary nuggets like that.  But you have to know how to set up that evidence, something we know how to do for you.

Issue #2FMCSA.  Trucking collision claims are very, very unique and are nothing like a traditional vehicle crash.  There are regulatory angles that should be investigated.  Moreover, there is a ton of data available on the trucking companies.  That data can help prove that the trucking company knew it had internal safety issues, but failed to investigate or correct those issues.  There is a word for that.  It’s called negligence.  We use the FMCSA data points to establish historical patterns which establish the bad guys’ notice of underlying issues, issues which if they had not ignored could have prevented your crash and resulting injuries.

Issue #3PMK Discovery.  That stands for “person most knowledgeable.”  It’s a type of corporate discovery of a trucking company.  You must know how to handle these.  For example, one of our lawyers was taking a PMK deposition in a truck accident case.  The trucking company was being beaten up so bad during the deposition that the  insurance company’s lawyer stopped the deposition, asked the trucking company’s executive to leave the room, then asked our lawyer to suspend the deposition so the case can be mediated.  Our lawyer agreed, and settled that trucking case for $1,700,000 at a mediation, without the need for any more discovery or even for our client to be deposed!  To get there, though, our lawyer spent 4 full days preparing just for that one deposition, utilizing all his trucking accident knowledge to establish a killer PMK cross-examination sequence.

You don’t need to hire us.  But whoever you retain to help you, make sure they know these things and how to navigate these waters.  In personal injury claims, you only get one chance to get it right.  Unless there’s an error justifying an appellate review, your case is done when that verdict sheet is turned in by the jury.

Do you want to maximize your truck accident claim to get a full recovery for your injuries and losses?

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DISCLAIMER: You NEVER pay our lawyers unless we recover money from the insurance company for your claim.  We literally will work for free for months or years until your claim is resolved, and we’ll cover all case expenses until that happens.  That is the caliber of no-risk representation you deserve, and it’s the IAG promise we offer you.

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Beverly Hills Truck Accident Attorneys
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