Article Updated:  May 14, 2022

Personal Injury Attorney Beverly Hills

Personal Injury Attorney Beverly Hills

Regardless of how the injury happened, who hurt you, or the quantum of your harms and losses, every injustice deserves justice.  That our my motto, and we litigate with it in mind.

Over a decades worth of experience and over $35,000,000 worth of personal injury recoveries speaks to what we can do for you as a dedicated Beverly Hills personal injury lawyer.

Because we know the insurance companies tricks, we make sure you get compensated, in full, and on time.

Below, we outline the basics of what to expect in your personal injury claim.  When you are ready to get paid, and get justice, call or email us for a FREE consult on how our legal team can help maximize your recovery.

Personal injury attorney Beverly Hills
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Steps in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Regardless of whether your personal injury resulted from a vehicle collision, premises liability, slip and fall, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, or defective produce, these basic steps must be completed:

   Get Medical Treatment

  Collect Medical Records

  Sort & Analyze Medical Records

  Find Experts & Prepare Reports

  Negotiate Settlement and/or Litigate

Some lawyers don’t follow these steps, and that means they are taking lazy shortcuts.

If the lawyer is filing your lawsuit without having the records and experts lined up, you should be very concerned.

I make it a point to find treating doctors who are ready to testify as experts.  That helps knock out two birds with one stone, and also makes record collection from those doctors a breeze.

As the old saying goes, work smart not just hard.  We use that to maximize the speed of your case resolution while also minimizing your case costs.

Personal Injury Compensation

When it’s all said and done, the ultimate question is how much is your case worth, a question which will boil down to measure of three categories of evidence:

  Economic damages (medical bills, lost wages, property damage, etc.)

  Non-economic damages (pain, suffering, mental anguish, etc.)

  Intangibles (jurisdiction, type of injury, extent of vehicle damage, etc.)

Our lawyers have settled a simple, non-surgical back-sprain soft tissue case for $200,000.  How?  We focused on the intangibles.

As tenured personal injury attorneys, our team knows those pressure points and where to dig to find the value in your claim.  That value converts into dollars in your pocket when it comes time to negotiate with the insurance company.

In fact, we have different types of checklists for different types of injuries which we’ve developed over the years and that we use for clients to find the intangible gold in your case.

Could you benefit from a personal injury attorney in Beverly Hills who brings this level of dedication to the table for you?  Call or email us to get just that.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Beverly Hills with $35M+ Recovered

Beverly Hills Personal Injury Data

Personal injury data for vehicle related personal injuries in Beverly Hills are below, and are a bit scary:

Beverly Hills Personal Injury Data

As you see, Beverly Hills ranks 1st for vehicle related fatalities.  It also ranks 1st for elder pedestrians being hurt in collisions.

Recent reports have also come out about gangs targeting victims in Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills, on what amounts to a robbery crime wave.

How can a Beverly Hills injury lawyer use this data or reports to help you win your case or get a larger settlement?

The answer is “foreseeability.”  Here’s an example of how it works.  Imaging you are robbed coming out of a Nordstrom, while in their parking lot.  Given the recent crime wave, Nordstrom should have seen the likelihood (i.e., foreseeability) of assaults on its premises.  Consequently, they should have acted accordingly by taking precautionary safety measures.  If they failed to do so, that may amount to negligence.

Not all personal injury lawyers think like this.  But this is the type of outside the box thinking you need from a personal injury lawyer when your case, health, and money are all on the line in a winner take all litigation against a billion dollar insurance company.

Want to learn more?  call or email us day or night.

Personal Injury Attorney Tips

Let me preface this section with a disclaimer – we are not your lawyers unless and until you sign paperwork asking us to help you.  Until then, nothing said here is legal advice, and we strongly recommend that, if you are a personal injury victim, you get a lawyer, whether it be us or someone else, to help you ASAP.

Tip #1.  For the love of all that is wholly to you, do not talk to the insurance adjuster.  Ever.  Period.  You know how in police movies  and shows they say, “anything you say can and will be used against you.”  That is the best advice any personal injury lawyer can give to injured victims.  This is particularly true in Beverly Hills – the local adjusters are ruthless, and quite literally out to get you.  You simply do not know what to say, how to say it, when to hedge, and when to be blunt.  You are shooting strays with every word and every shot you miss turns around and hits you instead.

Tip #2.  See a doctor, 100% of the time, no exceptions.  Some injuries, such as soft tissue injuries, are a process, not an acute event like a fractured bone.  That means you may feel like you just need a few days or a week to shake it off, so you wait to see a doctor.  The insurance company will weaponize that waiting period.  They’ll say you’re not that hurt if you didn’t see a doctor.  They’ll say you failed to mitigate the extent of your injuries.  They’ll say you only saw a doctor after you spoke with a lawyer, and insinuate a lawyer forced you to get treatment.  And in the end, they are partly right (on the mitigation angle) because you should have seen a doctor sooner, and your damaged body was healing wrong due to your lack of treatment.

Tip #3.  Don’t exaggerate, not with your lawyer, not with the opposing lawyer, not at all.  I talk about this in my article on writing demand letters.  Don’t use hyperbole and adjectives to explain what happened or how hurt you are.  Let the facts tell the story for you.  If you say, “my back is killing me after the crash,” that will never get the same settlement as a statement that, “I couldn’t lift my 5 year old son for a piggy-back ride after the crash.”  The latter approach – explaining your injuries through stories – takes a ton more time, but a good personal injury lawyer will spend that time with you to ensure a full recovery.

Do you want to maximize your personal injury settlement but not sure how?  To speak with a Beverly Hills injury lawyer from our team, call or email us 24/7.

We only get paid if we recover money from the insurance company for you.  We will, quite literally, work for free for months or years until you get justice, and we’ll foot the bill until the case resolves.  That is the caliber of service and guarantee you deserve, and it’s the IAG promise we offer you.

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