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West Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyer

West Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are searching for a West Hollywood personal injury lawyer, our office is right around the corner from West Hollywood.

We have recovered over $35,000,000 for personal injury clients, and know the ins and outs of every injury type and how to maximize the settlement value for each injury.

Keep reading below for insights on what to expect if you have a personal injury claim.  For a free 30 minute consultation to learn how one of our personal injury lawyers can help you, call, email, or submit a contact form to speak with a West Hollywood attorney today.

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Personal Injury Damages You Can Claim

A personal injury lawyer, regardless of the context in which your injury occurred (e.g., car accident, slip and fall, work accident), can only recover certain categories of damages for you.  They include:

   Past lost wages

   Future lost wages

   Past medical bills

  Future medical expenses

   Property damage to your car or personal belongings

  Incidental losses (e.g., mileage for doctors visits)

   Non-economic damages (pain, suffering, mental anguish)

But it’s not as simple as checking boxes and writing how much you think you deserve for each category.  Each category is a hard fought battle.  You, via your lawyer, must diligently build up the evidence that supports each category of damages, and preemptively address attacks the insurance company will make on each category.

The most important component of your injury, in our view, is your non-economic damages.  The medical bills are what they are, there’s a sticker price on them.  But what about your pain, how do you get top dollar for that?

That’s the part that takes years to master, and what we bring to the table for you.  For example, our lawyers have gotten $200,000 settlements for personal injury clients who had $25,000 in medical bills.

How do you accomplish that?  Focus on what matters: how your personal injuries changed your day-to-day life for the worse.  The secret sauce to accomplishing that, however, is to show, not tell, when describing the injuries and your related losses.

Personal Injury Settlement Timeline

The one thing that is unpredictable in your personal injury resolution timeline, and that we can’t control, is your treatment and recovery.  Your medical treatment might take 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, or never end.

Once your treatment ends, things are more predictable.

If your claim will settle, it’ll usually happen in about 4-6 months from when your treatment ends, assuming you have a smaller claim  Typically more towards the 6 month mark, as we’ll need to collect all the updated treatment records, sort, organize, and review them, prepare a top notch demand letter, and negotiate a settlement without seeming desperate to ensure the insurance company doesn’t discount your offer.

If your claim will not settle, then on top of that 4-6 months you have, worst case scenario, another 2’sh years.  That’s the time it takes to:

   Prepare and file lawsuit

   Serve the defendant

  Defendant’s allotted time to respond to the lawsuit

   Court allotted time for both sides to conduct an investigation

  Court mandated settlement efforts

   Scheduling the trial, which is often many months out

Over 95% of cases settle.  Your case could settle anywhere during that timeline.  We help your case settle faster by doing a full court press from the opening tip-off.  That brings maximum pressure onto the insurance company and they often pay just to make us go away.

We also use advanced techniques, such as open-policy limits letters, to scare the insurance company into acting faster and coughing up the settlement rather than gamble taking a bigger hit down the line.

Call or email us to learn more, and speak with a West Hollywood personal injury lawyer from our team.  All consultations are private, and free.

West Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyer with $35 Million Recovered for Victims

West Hollywood Personal Injury Accident Data

Here is the most recent data published by the State of California on personal injuries related to vehicle collisions in West Hollywood.

Out of ever neighborhood and jurisdiction ranked, West Hollywood is #1 in motorcycle accidents and #1 in pedestrian accidents.

West Hollywood Accident Data

Right above, you’ll also see West Hollywood is #1 for personal injury accidents during the night which relate to vehicle injuries.

This isn’t just interesting data.  A savvy personal injury lawyer can, and will, use this data to prove foreseeability, which is a subject of every personal injury claim.

What we argue, and successfully, is that the greater the foreseeability of harm the greater too must be the degree of exercise of reasonable care to avoid that harm.

This is especially important for nighttime related personal injury claims, where the defendant often claims they could not see.  The cross-examination of the defendant in those cases, when done right, can be devastating and force that bad driver’s insurance company to pay out for your claim very quickly.

West Hollywood Personal Injury Settlements With IAG

With over $35,000,000 in client recoveries, our results speak for themselves.  While prior results do not guarantee the outcome of another case, it does speak to the competence of your lawyer.

With a West Hollywood personal injury lawyer from our team in your corner, you have the best chance at getting full justice.  Full justice means we knock out the insurance company’s tricks, make your case as air tight as possible, and don’t give the insurance adjuster or lawyer an inch of breathing room to wiggle away from paying you what you deserve.

Don’t fight this fight alone.  Call, email, or message our team to let us fight the billion dollar insurance company for you, and force them to do what is right by you.

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West Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyer
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